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Taking care of your heart health is worth all the efforts. If your heart is healthy, it lays the foundation of an overall healthy body. When your overall health is good, you may prevent Type-2 Diabetes, joint pain, asthma, and other chronic conditions and diseases. Moreover, you may even reduce your risk of cancer. Furthermore, having a healthy lifestyle with good food and plenty of physical activity will also boost your mood.

Who We Are

Cardiac Specialist Dayton offers cardiology consultant in Dayton to provide diagnosis, treatment, and management of your heart health. Our physicians are determined to offer quality healthcare services to promote good heart health. Dayton cardiovascular consultants will take your medical history, perform tests, and give you a diagnosis before beginning treatment or management.

What We Do

Dayton cardiology consultants offer these general services:

• Cardiology consultation

• ECG or EKG

• Holter monitor


• Hypertension evaluation and management

• Echocardiogram

• Evaluation of Arrhythmia/Syncope

• Cardiac Device Clinic and remote monitoring of Device

• Event monitor

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