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A lot of people prefer to use too much sugar when preparing dishes, forgetting that it’s unhealthy. That's why it’s best to utilise a substitute for sugar which is healthy and sweet all at once. One terrific sweetener to use is date syrup. But first, what is it really, and how does it differ from regular sugar?

How do date syrup and sugar differ from one another?

Date syrup is used often in various ways to cook food, such as marinating and baking. This thick, dark-brown syrup isn’t sugar, compared to what others think. Rather, it is made from real fruit and does not undergo so many processes, preserving its health advantages and original sweetness. Table sugar, on the other hand, is obtained from beets and sugarcane and goes through a heavy process. This is why people use date syrup as an alternative sweetener for a more nourishing dish. Here are the several nutritional advantages that you can obtain from it.

It can promote brain health.

Too much sugar can impair our cognitive abilities and self-control because it can produce a drug-like sensation, making you want to eat more desserts. Thus, dates are much healthier to consume because they have antioxidants and flavonoids, which can drastically increase cognitive skills and boost your memory. It can also help relieve emotional tension and keep your brain from worsening.

It can give you an energy boost.

Many people consume sweet snacks to remain alert and awake, but science shows that it can make you more tired because of the high level of carbohydrates it has. Luckily, date syrup can give you more energy with no negative effects that sugars induce, such as discomfort, food cravings, lethargy, and a lot more. And as dates contain a low level of carbohydrates, they have the potential to improve blood sugar regulation.

It can prevent teeth decay.

Eating an excessive amount of desserts can give you cavities, but date syrup can do the opposite and make your teeth stronger. Dates are loaded with fluoride, a mineral that improves the enamel, the outer coating of the teeth and prevents cavities. Also, this fruit contains a lot of phytochemicals, a substance which can promote fresh breath by stopping bacteria from developing in your mouth.

It can help with digestion.

Date syrups are full of fibre, a complex carbohydrate which can’t be digested or broken down by your body. Eating fibre is essential to have regular bowel movements and boost your digestive health since it promotes the increase of good bacteria inside your intestines. Additionally, it can minimise the possibility of acquiring colon cancer. On the other hand, extra table sugar moves less quickly inside your large intestine and cannot be digested by your body. The higher the amount of sugar that stays inside your gut, the more it can increase bad bacteria, creating flatulence and muscle spasms.

It is a bit enticing to put extra sugar to your dish or beverage for additional sweetness. However, it is important to bear in mind that an excess amount of sugar is more damaging than helpful. With that in mind, date syrup is among the great alternatives as it can improve your health while retaining the delightful taste of your food.

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