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Choosing the right tyres can be a very difficult task. But do you know why it is essential to choose the right type of tyre? You must opt for the most suitable tyre to get the intended tyre performance from your vehicle.


Tyres are one of the most important structural parts of your vehicle. Being the most functional part, they possess so many important structural properties that directly and indirectly affect the vehicle. Compromising on the quality of tyres can also be influential as they are the ones responsible for safety and comfort while driving. Good quality tyres can indeed provide you with many advantages while using cheap tyres on the other hand can reduce the performance and safety features. Tyres made of good quality rubber help in enhancing the grip that will affect the smoothness in motion while cheap tyres will wear out faster, decreasing the ability to make a proper grip. If your tyres are worn out, they will increase your fuel consumption and make your journey uncomfortable and unpleasant. Therefore, to meet adequate requirements, tyres are manufactured and you must choose the right tyre. 


There is a vast range of tyres that are being manufactured according to the different climatic conditions. Because the weather is one of the biggest reasons that lead to tyre deterioration. Summer and winter Goodyear Tyres Redditch are the most commonly used seasonal tyres. The use of seasonal tyres is more in places with extreme weather conditions. There are all-season tyres that can be used all year round without changing or replacing the tyres and are mostly used in places with moderate climatic changes. 


The Difference in Summer Tyres, Winter Tyres, and Seasonal Tyres


As the name suggests, summer tyres deliver the best performance in hot and dry weather, winter in a cold climate, and all-season tyres in every seasonal change. 


Summer tyres are made by mixing natural and synthetic rubber which is quite hard. These tyres are composed of such material because the hot temperature softens the rubber and provides optimal grip for swift motion. Winter tyres, on the other hand, are made with natural rubber mixed with chemicals and silica. It is naturally soft and the temperature makes it hard enough to sustain the grip and traction that can provide a comfortable drive. All-season tyres are made with mixing components of both summer and winter tyres. The rigidity and softness of both the tyres are mixed together giving birth to all-season tyres.  


The tread of each tyre is made distinctly as they are made to run off different types of road conditions. The tread of the summer tyre is wide block-shaped that leaves a larger footprint in the road and makes a better grip on hot and dry road conditions. This large tread helps in preventing hydroplaning and also disperses accumulated water on the road. Similarly, the tread of winter tyres is closely packed with hundreds of tiny grooves and sipes that help in biting in the snow and help in a firm grip. Also, the tread of summer tyres is symmetrical while that of a winter tyre is asymmetrical. Both have their advantages and cannot be used in other seasons. The tread will start to wear out if used in wrong weather and lose the ability to make proper traction and result in skipping and skidding in wet road conditions. 


It should be made clear that appropriate equipment should be used in each season as summer tyres provide superb handling, stability and agility in summers and winter tyres provide great grip and traction only in winters. 


For great performance, you must use the tyres properly and maintain them regularly. It is important to do so to increase the life of your Car Tyres Redditch. Not all motorists understand the importance of using the right tyre but if you are purchasing a new set of tyres, consult a professional, they can guide you better. 

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