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Today's fashion industry has made distinctive and unique styles more accommodative that do not comply with the trends followed by the most. This has given everyone a chance to explore their hidden styler as they create quirky and exquisite looks and make heads turn. The same goes for styling our hair with different hair colours or cuts or using weaves and adding a slight bouncy touch to it. We can get these looks created by some of Ipswich’s Top Barbers. Mentioned below are few styles that one can create with their weave. 


Pixie Weave with Burgundy Colour


Pixie cut weave looks quite the fashion statement. With short hair and frontal flicks, one can add burgundy colour to complete their look. It is a comfortable style with a great aspect that can go with everything and also has the abilityto stand out. The cut will showcase your highlights with its edge and will add a warm touch to your appearance. 


Weave With Bangs


Bangs are always in fashion. With few changes here and there, these bangs can look great. A lot of people with large foreheads prefer to have bangs that can be curtain bangs, Sia inspired bangs, side bangs or forehead bangs. To add a bold touch to it, you can get a coloured weave with banks that will pop up the whole look and make you look chic.


Weave With Curls


Curls can never go out of style. They add volume to our hair and can be styled in a variety of ways. Hence, adding a weave with curls and some funky colour to your collection can be a really good idea. There are a variety of curling options that you can go for, for instance, barrel curls, loose beachy waves, corkscrew ringlets and many more. You can always get a balayage, global or highlight with the waves for your weave and, they are good to go. 


Depending upon the type of weave you go for, you can always go with your preferred length of hair and the kind of parting you want. It can be side parted or even in the middle. At the end of the day, fashion is always about you and what you like, irrespective of the trends that often change. So, without further ado, visit the nearest barbers in Ipswichand get yourself a weave that reflects your personality in the best possible way.

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