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Why buy your car battery online? Surely it’s better to use a bricks-and-mortar store so you can see what you’re getting? Not necessarily.

First, if you buy from an established manufacturer like Bosch, you already know what you’re getting. Provided you’ve noted the down the right specifications like battery size, cold cranking amps and reserve capacity, there’s no doubt it will fit your vehicle. Next, it’s more convenient to buy your car battery online when it suits your schedule, rather than when physical stores are open. Third, car batteries are heavy – if your vehicle is out of action and you need to carry the unit home on public transport, it can be hard work. Buying online means delivery to your doorstep. Lastly, online stores have fewer overheads, so often charge lower prices than high street stores that have to pay rent. Plus, the Internet means you can shop around in your own time to find a great deal on your replacement car parts.

When you buy a car battery online, you should still get a generous warranty to cover you if it’s faulty. So buying online is more convenient, cheaper, and safer, too.

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