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Case Study Examples - Writes Your Initial Questionnaire

Case studies can be the difference between you close a big deal and letting the deal slip away. Case studies have been used in the marketing world for decades and, while many of your competitors are using them, you may be well behind the curve. Companies that create effective case studies not only build credibility, they build trust with prospects. A case study is an unbiased, detailed account of an individual customer's honest-to-goodness experience with your company. Case studies are strong tools for marketing conversion because they show how your solution solved a particular problem for a current customer, show how you helped leads see how they can experience the same success with your services and show how you helped clients develop a brand loyalty that will benefit your company for years to come.

When you're mapping out your case study development plan, make sure you have one "anchor" document that all of your case study examples are built around. This is the executive summary writing process text that all of your case studies will look like. You need to make sure that it is clear, short, concise, and easy to read. The purpose of the executive summary is to give your readers the lowdown on your company, why they should care, what your values are, and how customers will benefit from choosing your services.

Once you've written your executive summary, it's time to start mapping out your case study development process. This will involve collecting information from a variety of sources, including surveys, interviews, and web pages that your company has online. You'll then need to figure out how you're going to structure your case study in four sections: an introduction, the Problem and Solution portions, a Market Research and Benefits section, and finally a References and Endnotes. Each section will serve a particular purpose for your initial questionnaire, so be sure to cover them all.

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