Tourists from different nooks and corners of the globe land to kanatal and Dhanaulti - an adventurous and spiritual city situated in the fabulous state of Uttarakhand, to lure themselves on the rapids of River Ganga and relax their mind and soul by offering prayers to the deities. It is indeed the perfect place to lose oneself completely in the nature's exquisiteness, flowing rivers and adventurous activities.

Being the most admired and highly visited destination of India, kanatal and Dhanaulti facilitates its visitors to come and have oodles of fun in the verdant forests and lofty mountains peaks by dwelling for a day or more in the camps fabricated near the river. Waking up to nature and enjoying its superb views will leave you energized for the day that can be best experienced with living outdoors rather than staying within four walls. Moreover, engaging in the thrilling activities near the campsite will instill with rigor and zest. Vicinity of the camp make individual assimilates the courage and motivates for the daring tasks. And, the adventurous activities, which vacationers can scout, are:

Body Surfing

Do you wish to swim with the waves? If yes, then get ready to experience the most adventurous activity - Body Surfing, facilitates you to ride a wave as long as you want, without any equipment. Before getting on the wave, the surfers must go through the techniques for the safety. To make the activity more thrilling and smoother, carry handguns, paddles and swim fins to get aided in increasing the speed as well as double the fun and excitement.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping shouldn't be a miss on kanatal and Dhanaulti tour, offering vacationers to submerge into the river from the larger elevations. One can increase the height of the cliff according to his/her stamina and endurance. More the height, more excitement will be experienced whilecliff jumping. Moreover, the experience of jumping into the cold weather from maximum height will give you goose bumps, and will agitate whenever the adventure is envisaged.

Bungee jumping, Rock climbing and kayaking can also become a part of your fun during the tour to kanatal and Dhanaulti. So, set out soon and gather the best memories to treasure for the rest of the life.


Rafting is the first word that hit in the minds of the millions of folks when they think of kanatal and Dhanaulti. Playing with the gushing streams of the River Ganges at major destinations of river rafting tour kanatal and Dhanaulti will bestow one the best memories to cherish forever. The river possesses 13 exhilarating rapids, which fall into the categories of grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4. Offering thrilling experience to people of all ages, rafting is enjoyed under the observation of the rafting experts for the wellbeing and safety of each traveler.


Summer vacations are the most eagerly awaited part of the year, when a majority of us plan to enjoy that dream trip to some place that has piqued our interest & we are dying to explore it. Most commonly, hill stations are the answer for us Indians trying to escape the atrocious heat. The soft corner for foreign destinations notwithstanding, hill stations in the lap of the Himalayas remain the undisputed winners.

Summer is the most ideal season for camping and rafting in the hilly locales of the Himalayas. Uttarakhand in northern India is known for marvelous camping destinations, with a number of beautiful locations that are simply perfect for a tranquil rendezvous with Mother Nature. One of favorable destination for camps in dhanaulti. but today, let us go camp hopping across the picturesque state of Uttarakhand.


Trekking expeditions of kanatal and Dhanaulti tender the visitors a wonderful opportunity to discover the spectacular sights of Himalayan peaks, variety of flowers, breathtaking natural beauty and pine trees. Exploring amount of trekking paths, one must not miss this superb opportunity to come close to the heaven where feeling of cheerfulness and fulfillment will pass through his/her heart. Moreover, the pleasant climate will add a treat to adventure.

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