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Feasibility Studies | AquaSol, Inc. (

Feasibility Studies | AquaSol, Inc. (

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The company has grown to become one of the largest dedicated independent aquaculture consulting companies operating on a truly global scale.


Aquaculture Consultancy Services

This division provides international consultancy services for aquaculture projects. Over the xx years, the company become well known in this area through due diligence and risk assessments for complex projects operations, as well as advising operational areas such as hatcheries, fish farms and processing facilities.

Consulting & Technological Support

Due Diligence

AquaBio Tech Group will assist in a rigorous technical, operational and financial due diligence audits.

Our expert team is assisting clients over the years with a unique approach to analyse and mitigate risks from business to investment decisions in the aquaculture industry.

Asset Confirmation & Valuation

Feasibility Studies

Providing a detailed assessment for projects including site selection, financial reviews, threats assessments and technical or non-technical surveys.

Similar to other parts of the aquaculture feasibility study, the custom financial projections developed by our team of aquaculture consultants will serve as the basis for any future financial projections in the event a decision is made to move forward with the project.

Business Planning

aquaculture enterprise

Market Research & Intelligence

Strategy & Policy Development

Surveys and Site Assessments

Biosecurity Consultancy

Insurance Surveys

Risk Management Audits & Risk Assessments

Stock & Biomass Assessments

Investment Prospectus Development

Feeding Strategies

Fish Health / Aquatic Veterinarian support

Technology assessments, sourcing and supply

Specialist / Customised Audits and Assessments

Fish, Shrimp and Shellfish

Live Feed & Algae

Land-Based Aquaculture




Grow out facilities

Through-flow facilities

Partial Recirculation System

RAS - Recirculation Aquaculture Systems


  • Plants

  • Fish

  • Nutrient Management & mineralisation

Intake Systems

Tanks & Raceways

RAS Filtration units

  • Mechanical

  • Biological

  • Chemical

  • UV

  • Ozonation

  • Protein Skimming

  • Oxygenation - main & emergency

  • pH control

  • Pumping technology

  • Feeding technology

  • Lighting

  • Fish movement

  • Vaccination & Grading

  • Heating & Cooling

  • Ventilation

  • CO2 stripping

  • Monitoring & Control & Imaging Technology

Wastewater Treatment

Water Discharge

Technology Sourcing

Shrimp Farming

Processing Plants

Design & technology sourcing

Cage Aquaculture

Site selection

Bathymetric & hydrographic surveys

Moorings Design

Technologies and equipment

Near Shore Activities

Off Shore Activities



Off Shore Multi-User Platforms (MUP)

Multi-Use of Space (MUS)

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