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What Is Management?

Management is basically the process of creating coordination between the various activities of an organization. Management is the coordination and administration of tasks to achieve a goal. Organizing the strategies of the organization and organizing the efforts of employees to achieve these goals through the use of available resources are examples of such administrative activities. The seniority structure of employees within a company can also be called management.

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The Advantages Of Management

Management is crucial. Without managers, an organization cannot last long. Here is a list of management's many achievements:

Provides Strength To Organization

Just as the mind directs a man's body to fulfill his desires, management is an important agent that energizes, directs, and controls organizational activities to achieve its purpose.

It is an extensive activity that combines many human capabilities into a single powerful tool by connecting many units as a unified whole.

Increases Productivity

The productivity of an organization that relies on the efficiency of management is critical to its success and progress. That is, management is critical in increasing production, holding the key. "No ideology, no political system, to protect capable management, can achieve a large production from a complex of human and material resources with minimal effort," writes Urvik Breech.


Good management incorporates new imagination, thoughts, ideas, and skills on a daily basis to keep an organization dynamic and lead to success and survival.

Optimum Utilization Of Resources

Good management guarantees that people and natural resources are properly utilized and that national wealth is not misused or lost. It is said that if an organization is not wasting any resource its management is excellent. Each resource is used efficiently and effectively.

Maintenance Of Industrial Peace

Good management can maintain peace at work. Appropriate management makes it possible to select and hire suitable and efficient employees, to place them in the right places after adequate training, to make conditions for their growth, to provide them with appropriate and reasonable money, and to encourage them through personal behavior.

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