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Car batteries are not designed to last forever. There’s a great chance that drivers will end up getting a replacement a few times thought out their car’s life. And since the battery is one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle, it only makes sense that purchase the best quality one as a replacement. Fortunately for you, there are countless brands available in the market right now, including the BMW battery series.

To find out more about the BMW battery series, as well as two other brands that are reigning the market today, read the next sections. Below are the details that you should know of.

BMW battery

While BMW cars have a built-in battery, these can wear out over time, especially if you maximise their usage. Because of this, some drivers choose OEM batteries, while others look for aftermarket ones since these are a bit expensive if bought alone.

BMW batteries usually vary in the number of specs, including Reserve Capacity, Cranking Amps, sizes, and so forth. However, their products are typically under the Absorbent Glass Mat (ABM) technology. This battery has a very high performance, and enhanced electrical reliability is ideally suited for today’s modern cars that are often heavily equipped with sophisticated electrical systems and energy-consuming devices and accessories.

Nowadays, BMW cars use AGM technology battery. 2002 and newer BMW that have lead-acid battery can use this AGM battery but will need to perform coding to change battery type. Just ensure that you’re getting the right type of BMW battery that will provide long-lasting power to your car. This would enable you to avoid further malfunction for a very long time. Just ensure to keep it maintained and well taken care of.

Mercedes battery

Next brand on the list is the Mercedes-Benz Genuine battery series. They’re resilient, consistently delivering the power you need to optimise performance, and efficiency for all your car’s electrical systems.

A Mercedes-Benz battery’s life may depend on different factors such as climate and driving patterns. In average, Mercedes-Benz batteries last between six to eight years. In some cases, some OEM batteries last even over ten years. But if you decide on a cheaper model, you may find it lasting for significantly less time, usually around two years. Conversely, a top-shelf battery may last as long as six years.

With that said, Mercedes-Benz Genuine batteries are definitely a long term solution for many drivers who are tired of unreliable batteries can cause huge inconvenience. They’re resilient, consistently delivering the power you need to optimise performance and efficiency for all your car’s electrical systems.

VARTA battery

A lot has changed in the commercial vehicle sector: legislation that sets stricter emissions standards, the number of nights spent in vehicles, more comfort equipment and the number of additional electrical consumers like music radio, parking heater and more. With Varta commercial vehicle batteries, you are well-prepared for all changes – and ready to lower your TCO.

Whether you are driving your very first car, own a vehicle with start-stop functionality, or drive a highly equipped vehicle with high energy demands, VARTA batteries can offer the power you need. This brand is famous for their longer life, less corrosion and lower cost of ownership, qualities you’ll find in all their products, from their advanced start-stop automotive range to their professional powerboat products. So if you’re opting for a reliable precision technology that provides top manufacturing quality, opt for VARTA.

Powered by a global market leader in advanced energy storage solutions, VARTA is known for contributing to the growing battery technology for different types of vehicles. Technologies that deliver uniquely sustainable, next-generation performance, and bring reliability, safety, and comfort to everyday lives.

By considering branded car batteries like the BMW battery series, you are assured of getting the best replacement that can withstand a demanding power draw. They don’t just have longer life over generic batteries but are also known for providing consistent performance if you are driving on tough terrains or in harsh weather. So if you want a battery that you can use for a long time, skip the generic ones and go for the branded car batteries listed in this article. This way, you can guarantee the best value for your money and save you the hassle of buying replacements over and over again.

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