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People are drawn to brands that give away vibrantly printed posters and brochures. The way letters and pictures are printed somehow reflects the image of a brand. Hence, advertisers are always on the hunt for established printing firms. But if businesses settle on low-class printing companies, they compromise a lot of things. It would cause lots of complexities and time constraints. But choosing the right booklet printing company lessens the stress in printing projects. To hire the best firm, it would be practical to ask each candidate some key questions.

Below are the questions that would help spot an exceptional printing firm. Read on to know each of them.

Why are you different from the other printing services?

Asking booklet printing companies about what makes them stand out is a critical move before selecting one. There is no doubt that most printing services will give you the answers related to their proficiency and how they focus on the quality of the product. Still, there may be chances that you will be getting some of the interesting answers that will help you get a complete insight into their professional printing services and age-old culture.

Do you have a colour management system?

It is essential to have colour management throughout the printing work. Sending out some of the pieces of marketing material along with the slightly different colour versions may not correctly reflect your company’s professional standards. However, if you do not have a correct colour management system, you can quickly get an accurate result. An efficient booklet printing UK wide company ensures that colours are matched correctly since they often check and calibrate their systems.

Do you have any certifications?

Apart from cheap booklet printing services, exceptional companies have earned certificates that demonstrate their quality standards, experiences, and processes. Choose ones that have official certifications.

Can I get a quote?

Getting a quote for printing your project should be free. Most printing companies have websites that allow you to enter your project specifications and request pricing online. Be sure to note if the quote you receive is an estimate or the actual cost. To ensure the accuracy of quotes, a good booklet printing UK wide company will assist its clients in the paper selection or other details via phone or office visits. Developing a relationship with an account representative can be helpful.

Will I see a proof?

You want to see proof of your printed piece and give approval before it goes to the presses. Besides cheap booklet printing services, a good company sends a digital PDF proof that allows correction on grammar errors and elemental placements. But a hard copy proof will more closely represent the colours that will be printed. Some printing companies will also arrange for press checks, which occur after the job is set up on the presses but before the printing is underway.

Do you offer a guarantee?

You want the printing to be perfect. But sometimes, equipment is off, colours shift and trimming errors or printing delays occur. Some printing companies strive for 100% customer satisfaction and offer a money-back guarantee. Trustworthy companies make an effort to correct the errors and reprint the job at no extra cost.

What are my choices?

It would be wise to ask printers about the best print process options. Quantities will often determine whether the job should be digital or litho, so find out how it will be printed. Work with the printer to find the best option for your budget.

What’s the creep and bleed?

Always check if you need to allow for creep when printing a brochure or book. Printing such products can take a long time to adjust for pre-designed work. Bleed should always be checked whatever the job. A 3mm is a standard safety net.

Can you recommend the best paper stock?

You might know what you want already. But if printers have an idea of your desired finishes, they can advise on stocks, ink handling, and the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly options.

Should I mark it up?

Marking up artwork with the specs, the colours printed, and any guides update a printing company. Set the guides up in single spot colour and label it ‘GUIDES ONLY - DO NOT PRINT’.

What’s the recommended size for my product?

You can be flexible in determining the size of product pieces. Quite often, a few millimetres difference can allow you to plan up more pages per sheet and have a much more economical print. Doing so might leave you with an extra budget to acquire added features for your book or products, such as paper stock, and hardback.

Can I use folds or unusual formats?

Any unusual folds or die-cuts can be advised by reliable printers. Different printers might want artwork adjusted to allow for folding so go through how you want your final piece to look. They will figure out how to do it.

Finding the best booklet printing company would make the most of one’s budget. Yet it can be overwhelming to search for the most efficient firm. Online, hundreds of websites offer similar services at the cheapest rates. Yet by asking each candidate all the essential questions listed above, the hunt would be hassle-free. Such questions ensure that a candidate is the best in the industry.

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