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Once in high demand by the Kings and Queens of France including King Louis XIV, this wine is one of the oldest wines available on the market today. Situated in the Bordeaux region of France, this is a globally important wine-making town as a result of the amount of wine that’s exported out of this town and more importantly, the quality of the final product. Generally, each and every wine that comes out of this town is rated very highly by critics. There are several variations that wine from this region can come in, including the Cheval Blanc. But before we get into the specifics and tasting notes of what it is like, let’s learn a little bit about the history of this region.

What’s the history of the region?

Situated just to the east of Bordeaux, this is an idyllic scenic location that many people go to in order to view the well-preserved history of the town. With historic buildings such as old churches and cobblestone streets, visiting this place is like taking a step back in time. If you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing break, then be sure to consider this location.

The first vineyards in Saint Emilion are believed to be planted all the way back in Roman times. Records have been found from this time of people noting the great taste of the wine. Throughout the course of history, the wine making here was volatile due to external political pressures. But this town’s history is enshrouded in wine making and the soil, vines and production techniques all have their own connection to this history and thus contributes to the timeless nature of this wine.

Nowadays, people not only visit this town for a getaway, but also to go to wine tasting events. After all, you can’t get much better than trying wine in the location where it grew as a vine and was made into wine. Nearly three quarters of this area is covered by vineyards so you will be able to have your pick of the bunch when choosing out a wine tasting experience.

What should you expect when tasting Saint Emilion?

The two main types of grapes grown in Saint Emilion are Cabernet Franc and Merlot and consequently, these are the two main types of wine you will find that are produced from this town, with the Cabernet being slightly more popular. A lot of factors go into producing the complexity of flavour in these wines. Firstly, the soil is rich in nutrients allowing the vines to grow in a healthy way.

There’s also lots of sunlight and the soil is well-drained and has a unique mineral profile, similar to those that create the unique notes in a good bottle of champagne. Putting all of these factors together produces a range of complex tasting notes that aren’t really found in any other wine. People who consume it say that there are fruity notes including plums and cherries. Yet on the other hand, these sweet notes are balanced out by vanilla and oak flavours as well to give a well rounded flavour.

One thing that contributes to these contrasting, yet well put together tasting notes is the ageing process. The minimum amount of time that wine from this town is aged is three years, although there are records of some actually being aged for thirty years! The longer a wine is aged, the more strongly the warm tasting notes come out. It is this that produces the additional rich flavours such as leather that allows the wine to be so well received by day to day consumers and wine critics alike.

The weather in this town isn’t always hot and sunny, like you would imagine a small town in the middle of France to be. Whilst it is typically sunny and warm throughout the days, particularly in the summer, the nights drop in temperatures. The warm daytime temperatures warm up the vines and grapes, and the coolness of night drops their temperature and so the natural sugar concentration level never stays too high or too low.

If you’re looking for a new wine to go for that will give you the best possible drinking experience, then this is a great option. Picking this will open your wine repertoire to a whole new experience and is sure to impress your friends too!


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