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Turn your website into a two-way spoken language

People return to your website with a goal in mind, however, generally, they have facilitated finishing the task. Live chat support turns any website into a time period spoken language, thus you'll quickly answer queries and supply extra info to seal the deal. Live Chat Support agent

Live chat will increase the percentages of turning prospects into customers. And studies show that live chat has the best satisfaction level versus different channels. to try and do it right, select answer|an answer} wherever net chat is solely another channel to deploy from your all-in-one application - not a standalone solution.

All-in-one omnichannel

As the variety of channels you supply continues to grow, thus will the complexness of managing them. A pre-integrated omnichannel resolution — just like the one Genesys provides — puts everything along.

That means one agent desktop and one agent schedule across all channels. There’s one supply for information and reportage and one administrator for moves, adds, and changes.

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Customer profiles and spoken language histories

Give your agents everything they have to create a private live chat. With Genesys, agents see your website visitors' profiles and their spoken language history, in order that they have the context to tailor the interaction.

Agents even have access to a centralized mental object, whisper employment, or conferencing with a topic matter professional to drive 1st contact resolution.

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Proactive engagement

Be proactive. Our live chat tools allow you to proactively reach bent on shoppers supported by their activity on an internet page.

You can trigger the extension of invites supported business rules, like client behavior, agent handiness, and client profile or segmentation. It's all regarding connecting at the proper moment.

Contact center security compliance

Obsessive security

Rest simple knowing your chats square measure secure and compliant. Genesys uses HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure and support chat sessions.

Credit card associate degreed different in person specifiable info is detected and disguised in order that transcripts don’t contain sensitive info - or there’s a choice to mask in real-time if that’s your preference. And with documented webchat, you'll favor needing users to register with their credentials before they'll begin a conversation session.

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