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When it comes to prams, there are many different types and functionalities to choose from. However, if you have or intend to have more than one child, you will undoubtedly want a double pram. But a question arises in mind: Should you pick a tandem or side-by-side double pram when buying a double pram? Which is the most effective?

Tandem Pram

In general, a tandem pram is simpler to manoeuvre through narrow openings, such as entrances and shopping aisles. Because they are more compact, they are also much easier to push across city streets or busy cafés, making it the ideal double pram for the on-the-go parent.

One of the best features of a tandem pram is that it can be changed to fit the needs of your growing family.

Tandem prams offer a wider range of seating options, including reversible seats in certain models.

Side by Side Pram

Twin or side-by-side prams are just two single prams joined side by side, as the name implies. The major benefit of a side-by-side pram is that your children may sit close to one another, allowing them to interact.

The seats are shallower than on a tandem, which may give the impression of being lighter when pushing. It also provides for more storage behind the seats than a tandem pram would.

Jogging or all-terrain strollers are common side-by-sides. This makes them ideal for the park, hiking, or other situations when more suspension is required.

The twin prams will make your life a whole lot simpler than you may think, whether you have recently born twins or two toddlers of somewhat different ages.

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