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Proper maintenance is the smartest way to keep your tyres in good condition. But, you need to be careful with the wear and tear. Tyres will eventually wear down but premature tread wear is something you need to worry about. Damaged or used tyres are not fit for driving due to reduced tread depth, damaged signs, and other faults.

Nowadays, a new trend of using old tyres again is emerging rapidly. Part-worn cheap tyres Bolton are sold across the country but any part of these tyres is not repaired again. So, how to make them roadworthy?

What Is Tyre Retreading?

A process called retreading adds a new layer of the tread pattern to enhance the life of old tyres. Retreaded tyres have signs of wear and tear but they have enough potential to function on the roads for many years.

After the tyre is retreaded, it is ready to play the second innings with its new master. The overall process of retreading has the following steps:

Initial Steps:

This step is the base of retreading.

In this step, a professional is supposed to check the tyre. Goodyear Tyres Bolton reaches the next step only when they are strong enough in terms of quality standards.

Sometimes the faults are tough to detect with naked eyes. Therefore, experts use a test called shearography. With the help of this test, we can detect the internal problems in the tyre.


When the professional is satisfied with the physical condition of tyres, they will be sent to the next step known as buffing.

This process aims to remove the remaining sidewall and tread pattern rubber from the casing. This is done to the specified dimensions with the help of revolving rasps and brushes.

Nowadays, a computerized system is extremely helpful in achieving exact dimensions to keep the profile of the tyres stable. The granular product during the buffing process is removed with the use of highly efficient fans. In the end, the residue is collected in large hoppers for the recycling process.


In this step, the buffed casing is checked once again by a professional. When the professional is satisfied with the quality and physical condition of the casing, the casing is forwarded to the next step.


During this method, new tread material is added to the casing with the use of a computer-based process.

The computer-based system ensures that only an appropriate amount of rubber is added to the casing. The tyre should be made with a specified dimension to make sure that the tyre functions properly in terms of driving comfort and safety.


During this process, tyre is placed in a hot, segmented radial matrix and heated at 155 degrees C for at least 95 minutes. Moreover, the tyre is inflated to almost 300psi with the help of an internal bladder.

This combination of time, heat, and pressure is applied to the tyre to make sure that the new tread rubber is properly vulcanized. This process makes the tyre similar to its old dimensions like tread depth and pattern.

Finial Checkup:

After the curing process, the tyre is deflated and cooled for the final inspection. The professional is supposed to check the tyres visually to detect any fault or imperfection in the retreaded tyre.

After visual inspection, the expert is supposed to inflate the tyre quickly to 150psi to expose any weak points. As the last step of final inspection, the tyre is tested with the help of shearography that can detect the faults that are not easy to detect with naked eyes.

Is Retreading Safe For Car Drivers?

A strong argument against retreaded tyres is that we do not know anything about the history of the retreaded tyres. It means the driver cannot be sure about the quality and strength of the tyre.

But this argument has a suitable answer that a reliable tyre manufacturer will retread the tyre with utmost care and precautions. The retreading process is done with the help of trained experts that are supposed to examine the physical condition of retreaded tyres throughout the process.

Therefore, a driver can buy used and retreaded tyres if they are sure about the tyre dealer. However, you have to think about your own goals before you make a final decision.

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