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Drug-related crimes, including possession, have to be taken seriously, and they have been handled by skilled, experienced criminal lawyers. At The law firm of Micheal, they will give your possession charge the attention it deserves. And they will not allow you to be intimidated. A possession charge can have a significant, negative effect on your life. They can’t promise a specific result. But they can promise skilled, passionate legal representation.

If you’ve been accused of drug possession and need an experienced criminal lawyer on your side, please call this law firm for life changing results. Don't take this matter so lightly that it will change your life in negative aspects.

The Consequences of a Possession Charge is too much. A drug possession charge is quite simple to define: the knowing exercise of control and ownership over a controlled substance in sufficient quantities to trigger a relevant local, state or federal law (some drugs in some jurisdictions can be legally possessed in small amounts). Michael as drug possession attorney Nassau is familiar with the laws in our state and community.

Most communities have sentencing guidelines that increase in severity for repeat crimes. As such, those who have been arrested for possession multiple times often face harsh prison sentences, while first-time offenders will often not face jail time. Again, the specific circumstances of your case will play a role in the sentence you are facing. Sentences are harsher when police believe they can prove an intent to distribute or transport drugs instead of just simple possession.

This is why it’s so important to find a criminal lawyer who can contest the charges against you with skill. If you want to speak to an experienced County Drug Possession Lawyer about the charges against you, please contact The Michael Firm today.

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