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Igfr1 protein Derived from HEK293, high batch-to-batch consistency

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Buy IGF-1 DES (1MG) from GenX Peptides, the Premier Global Source for High Purity USA Made Peptides. Purchase IGF1 DES today from our online store.

IGF-1 DES 1,3. In stock. $ 69.99 $ 99.99. Concentration. 1 mg per vial. Purchase this product now and earn 70 Points! Free & Fast. Diet plans are easy to act on but right diet plan, keeping eye on your likes, dislikes, allergic or your body reactions to some food is also necessary. So, choose wisely because HEALTH IS WEALTH. Additionally, IGF-1 hormone is important for regular human growth & development. Acts through like growth factor 1 receptors to apply an anabolic impact to develop muscular tissue. This is why des igf 1 is necessary for muscle building. Reduced IGF-1 levels connect to bad growth as well as a variety of metabolic problems.

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