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Every child’s reality is different and as such learning should be tailored to meet the individual needs of students so that they are able to connect their prior knowledge and experience with the real world so that meaningful connections can be made. According to Shinn (2007) stated that using various teaching methods helps teachers tremendously in meeting the needs of all their students so that they can master knowledge and skills.

Gaming is an active way of learning. It makes understanding difficult concepts fun and exciting.

Cooperative learning does not only enhance teaching and learning but it helps students develop their social skills.

Through Cooperative Learning

Engaging in out of class activities gives teachers insights into the student's world-views which can help the teacher to better communicate the concepts to them.

Through Out of Class Activities

Through Information Communication Technology

ICTs are now being used to create new approaches to learning and teaching.
Incorporating hands-on activities allows learners to ask for help from the instructor and conference with peers to further develop problem-solving skills.

Through Hands-On Activities


Shinn, Y. H. (2007). Teaching strategies, their use, and effectiveness as perceived by teachers of agriculture. London: Cengage Learning.

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