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So, smoking is indeed injurious to health. On the flip, for most people, cigars are effective to

enhance one’s style, especially in high profile parties. Are you one of them? If yes, it’s best to

look for premium branded cigarettes online. Not only to save thousands of dollars but your

health as well. Such international branded cigars contain top-quality tobacco considered to be

less harmful.

And, when it’s about premium branded cigarettes, nothing can be better than Marlboro. No

matter whether you are considering it for price or taste, it’s worth it. Marlboro is an American

brand of cigarettes owned by Philip Morris. This brand has the biggest manufacturing plant in

Virginia and Richmond. Marlboro is one of the best selling brands globally.

However, if you are willing to try this, you should have an idea about its wide variety of

flavors. What are they?. Let’s get further info below.

Different varieties of Marlboro flavors

Most users prefer buying Marlboro cigarettes online due to its guaranteed quality and

affordable prices. In 2017, its amazing flavors bring a 40% share of in the USA alone. This

brand is highly popular because of its wide array of flavors that contain lavish and luxury

taste. Marlboro has a lower level of nicotine and tar along with ammonia.

Before placing your order online, let’s take a glance at its popular flavors. Such as:

Marlboro Red

The red one contains the most amazing flavors in this brand that makes many users picking

this variety. You often find it red crest on the white pack that makes it more recognizable for

the buyers. Marlboro Red is available in 100’s, Soft, and Kingsize. Marlboro Red 100’s is

thinner and quite longer than standard cigarettes.

On the flip, you can buy Marlboro Red online soft contains smooth taste and less nicotine and tar from the red.

You can enjoy both rich, medium, and soft tastes within the Marlboro Red brand.

Marlboro Green Menthol

Marlboro green comes with a refreshing menthol flavor. You can get it available in the

market in a white pack with green detailing. It contains light variations and full flavor.

Marlboro Gold

Marlboro Gold contains a wide variety of flavors under different names, such as Gold 100’s,

Gold Touch, Gold Original, Gold Edge, and so on. Gold Lights and 100’s are the most

popular among the users. It contains the same tobacco blends as Marlboro Red with a lower

concentration of nicotine and tar.

You can get Marlboro Gold Lights available in a white pack, along with gold Marlboro crest.

And, Marlboro Gold Edge contains a different smooth flavor

that is popular among the people preferred light taste.

Marlboro silver

If you are looking for ultralight taste, Marlboro Silver is the best alternative for you. It

features less tar and nicotine with a full-flavored taste that makes it perfect for those who are

health-concern. You can get it available in a white pack with silver Marlboro crest.

So, if you have decided to pick any of this brand, it’s best to check online stores. For further info about this brand, you can visit our shop page.

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