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Where do they live?

The Amazon River dolphin live in Amazon basin, the upper Madeira, the river in Bolivia, and the Orinoco basin, respectively.The Amazon River Dolphins also lives in freshwater rivers, not the ocean like other dolphins.The Amazon River Dolphins is located in the most of areas aquatic habitats, including; river basins, major courses of rivers, carols, River tributaries, lakes, and at the of rapids and waterfalls.During the dry season, dolphins occupy the main river channels, and during the rainy season, they can move easily to smaller tributaries, to the forest, and floodplains.

What does it eat?

It consists of at least 53 different species of fish, grouped in19 families.They eat croakers, Cichlidae, and MORE!The dolphins dentition allows it to access shells of river turtles and freshwater crabs.The diet is more diverse during the wet season, when fish are spread in flooded areas outside riverbeds, thus becoming more difficult to catch.

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