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Attending a wedding is something many people look forward to. Aside from sharing and celebrating with the couple on their new stage in life, guests can also get to look their best by wearing outfits that are custom-made for them. This also applies to the little ones, especially those who were given special roles for the event such as the flower girls. That said, it’s just as important to find the little ones the best flower girl dresses they wear to the special occasion.

However, dressing up little girls isn’t as easy as you think. To help you pick the best flower girl dresses for your little ones, consider the tips listed in the following sections.

Choose the style and colour that suits the girl

For many people, it is extremely difficult to choose the right flower dress since there is no hard and fast rule to choose the dress by keeping the colour, fabric, and style into consideration. As with choosing any other dress, you need to consider the colour and style of the ones you’ll get your little attendees. Many girls prefer choosing a flower dress that looks aesthetically good.

However, fitting and style also matter. Moreover, you should consider the flower dress that goes best with the wedding. It should be ensured that the chosen dress connects the girl well with the event.

Take the fabric of the dress into account

There are some types of fabrics which we have completely reserved for the event of the wedding. These days, the preferable fabric for a flower girl’s dress is satin. Satin is a fabric that is capable of resisting the wrinkles, which overall does not ruin the look of the dress as the flower girl moves around. Satin is also a comfortable fabric which is less likely to get ripped. If this does not suit the style you have in mind for the girls, then another safe choice for the flower girl dress fabric is chiffon. Chiffon is the most used dress fabric in every wedding event.

Make sure the flower girl dresses match your wedding theme

Weddings are designed based on a theme. This applies to the design and décor of the venue, as well as the attire that is worn by the guests and the entourage. That said, if you’re having a traditional wedding, pick traditional flower girl dresses. Likewise, if you’re throwing a laid-back beachside affair, opt for more fun and unique flower girl dresses. A perfect flower girl dress should fit the formality and “feel” of the wedding, suit the personality of the lucky little lady and be comfortable for her to wear all day. Remember that there is more to a flower girl than just the dress, so if you are set on her having a certain hairstyle or statement accessory, the dress should be able to accommodate it, and not clash with the rest of your ideas.

The flower girl dresses don't have to be white

And while flower girls are traditionally seen to be in white dresses, you are not obliged to follow this for your wedding. If you’re wearing a pastel-coloured wedding gown, consider a flower girl dress that matches or is accented with pink or blue.

Try a different brand than your wedding dress

Where you get the flower girl dresses from isn’t as important as how they look and feel when worn by the little girls. This means that it matters very little whether you get the flower girl dresses from the same company you bought your wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses from, or not. The only advantage of buying the flower girl dress from the same brand as your wedding or bridesmaid dresses is that the colours will be the same. If you already have your dress ordered in, you can compare the colours of the flower girl dresses against it for the best and most accurate result.

Choose a colour for the dress

One of the things you need to consider when choosing a flower girl dress is to pick a dress colour that will complement the other colours used in the wedding. Match the flower girl dress to your bridesmaids’ dresses. Alternatively, choose a hue that will match another element in your wedding, like the flowers in your bouquet. Consider finding a flower girl dress that will contrast with and complement the colours in your wedding decor.

Weddings are meaningful but even more special when preparations are done properly and meticulously. Part of this is getting the perfect outfits for the couple and entourage, which includes the little girls who are given the role of flower girls. For this reason, it’s also important to get them the best flower girl dresses to wear for the wedding.  By taking note of all the tips mentioned in the above guide, you can narrow down your options and get the perfect outfit for your little ones to look their best on your special day. 

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