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Welcome to Chickens Kintama wiki. This side of the Wiki is managed by the caramel sensation and ex-token Hispanic of the server: The Holy Ghost of Chicken. Any and all accounts found in this wiki is the history, lore, and nonsense of this server, and will state what happened, no matter how ridiculous it all is.

Origin of Kintama:

Kintama is a discord server created by the one and only (thank goodness for that) Fushiii. The original purpose of this server? No idea (you're going to be hearing that a lot from me). But it eventually turned into a Japanese language learning server/gaming server. Unfortunately with the Japanese language, the server quickly filled with the abominations known as weebs. Since the weebs have taken over, I have no idea what this server is anymore. All I can do is try to purge this weebery from existence.

As for the name of the server, Kintama literally means "Golden Eggs" but that is just Japanese slang for testicles. Why is this server named testicles? No idea (told you I would be saying that). According to the great Dicktator, "Nah. Learned about Gintama through reddit. Kintama was a word a commenter used & after looking it up I figured it could fit." Now, everyone is forced to be in a server called testicles. Weeb testicles...

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