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Even though it isn't the central attraction of every workplace, acquiring the best commercial toilet cubicles is still essential. It is a tremendous part of every facility that handles the specific needs of people.

Toilet cubicles shouldn't only have a particular layout which enables users to move with ease. Instead, its cleanliness must also be maintained at all times, just like how you clean your pantries and conference rooms. Lots of people see this task as a tedious one, but you can make it simpler by following these pointers:

1. Choose the right cubicle supplies

When you go to a provider of commercial toilet cubicles, be sure that they use excellent components for their products that are resistant to water as well as different substances. In this manner, you do not need to be concerned with grime sticking to your cubicle walls. And if they do so, you won't find it difficult clearing them even with just a clean fabric.

2. Learn how to use different cleaners

Toilet cleaning solutions can repel dirt and stains for around seven days. For that reason, make certain you keep a sufficient stock of them and schedule a regular cleaning per week. What's more, you must learn how to use household materials for cleaning so you can have alternatives. For example, sodas like Coke and Kool Aid are helpful to take care of nasty toilet rings. Meanwhile, utilising vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda will keep your sinks and bowls spotless and attractive.

3. Use wax on walls

If vandalism is the main problem in your toilet cubicles and those who are using it simply ignore the “No Vandalism” signs, then it's your job to implement the required measures. Aside from having cubicles which are resistant to vandalism, it is also recommended that you try putting wax on the walls. By doing this, it wouldn't be simple for vandals to write on your cubicles, even though they are utilising permanent markers or pens. Even if they do this, the wax allows for convenient cleaning.

4. Keep all the toiletries accessible

Public toilets must always have the proper toiletries, such as towels, tissues, and soap. If people find that the dispensers aren't working properly or empty, then they're most likely to leave the cubicles grimy. With that in mind, always keep these toiletries at hand so people can use them not only to clean themselves but also the place before they leave.

5. Throw out the trash everyday

Make sure you place trash bins in each cubicle, so its user won’t just leave them lying on the floor or flush them in toilets and cause a blockage. But by the end of the day, do not forget to empty these bins and clean them properly. Never allow the trash stack up as this won't only make your cubicles messy but stinky as well. Undoubtedly, any person will experience troubles relieving themselves beside a packed trash can.

Commercial toilet cubicles may not be the highlight of any workplace, but maintaining their cleanliness is still a must for the maximum comfort of everyone. By taking note of these tips, you can maintain your cubicles dazzling and eye-catching to all who will use it.

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