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To so many men it's so REAL what they see in front of them.

They see a beautiful piece of female body or skin in limited, tight clothing that they objectify and know that it's real. If you are looking for girls then you can find נערות ליווי בתל אביב. The fact that they're adding emotion behind it makes it even stronger and more effective in influencing them (and their behavior ultimately).

What's really going on behind the scenes is the power of relational dynamics and what men are missing.

When a man glorifies an image of a woman that is perfect (sexually) to him in his immediate mind, he adds emotion to it.


Because sex is honestly about THE most important thing to us as men. He identifies so much with the 'you-fill in-the-adjectives' female 'body' in front of him that he puts it and the woman 'above him' in relation to him.

He's putting the 'pussy on the pedestal'.

She is above him. WAY above him. It's like a fantasy because indeed that's what he's fantasizing about.

She has the 'value' that he would like to get. She is the prize. I like to think of it as a stimulus-response relationship.

The sexploited woman is the stimuli and men are the (conditioned) response to which they often actually drool. It changes their behavior pattern after time when they are consistently put into this kind of disempowering relationship.

Millions of men have been conditioned to 'respond' to the stimuli of sexploitation. The adaptive women and the architect's are the ones with the power and the man isn't.

He's below them in the social hierarchy. He's just like the millions of other 'chodes' that are lusting after the same conditional stimuli.

If there was a man who didn't do this at least a dozen times in our social reality, he'd probably be lying.

So this really is a reality for millions of men and these women they see exist out there 'somewhere'. In fact, now the women in their city are even taking on the same physical and behavioral attributes of the 'cover' models they've seen.

So now, these men are attributing the same relationship to these women as well. The women are WAY above them as the prize because they look and act like the men's mag cover models.

Unfortunately none of this is natural despite how real it may seem to the man.

So in order to gain control over his own physiological response to beauty and sexiness a man will have to change his relationship with it.

Instead of being the habituated conditional response, he's going to have to frame a relationship of equal value with sexploitation so that he doesn't be in a disempowering frame anytime he deals with women (which is by the way why he fails).

Millions of men have this uncontrollable emotional response in our body language. It makes us question how we should approach or what we should say when really, we're just grounded in the wrong relationship to sexploitative attributes.

Other experts will say to 'just approach dude' or 'try this technique' that will be a logical, conscious attempt which you would think would work because it makes sense, but it doesn't work.

Men have been conditioned to change their behavior around anything like the stimuli and it's now engrained into their subconscious mind so it affects their nonverbal body language.

Conscious techniques and tricks don't have enough power to override his deep-seeded behavior. The answer lies in cognition of relational dynamics; what this power is, what kind of relationship it is, where it came from, what it means and then it's going to take him grounding himself on the other side of things (natural) instead of social if he wants to be comfortable around this power and beauty.

He's going to have to completely change his relational reality if he wants permanent physiological change to stop 'responding' to the conditional stimulus of sexy women.

Once he can 'be himself' and take a relational approach of power (before he even meets her), then she can finally trust him and she can open up to him without his saying a word.

It's not going to be the easiest thing in the world, but the sooner a man can be cognitive of the truth and the faster he can ground himself in the proper female model of sexuality, the more success he'll start seeing and the more women will be attracted to him.

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