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Sweating over your global warming essay? There’s an easier way to do it.

Here’s a brief but extremely useful collection of tips and resources to cover this topic in minimum time. Enjoy!

Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Global Warming Essays

Global warming essay writing can go terribly wrong if you make any of these mistakes:

  • Not narrowing the topic down. Writing about global warming in general is not the best idea. This topic is so broad that you can easily write a whole book or dissertation on it (as others already have done). For an essay, you’d better choose a smaller aspect – one of the causes, the effects on particular areas, the forecasts, the myths etc.

  • Not using stats and figures. Did you know that some scientists question even the very existence of global warming? Use stats and figures to persuade everyone that your claims are valid.

  • Not taking a stand. Take a definite position and express it in a strong thesis statement.

10 Interesting Topics for Global Warming Essays

  1. Global Warming: Big Hoax or Frightening Reality?

  2. Power Plants Are the Main Cause of Melting Polar Icecaps.

  3. What Can Every Person Do to Stop Global Warming?

  4. The Future of Global Warming: What Will Our Grandchildren See?

  5. Would the End of the Coal Industry Be the End of Global Warming?

  6. Can Carbon Taxes Solve the Problem of Global Warming?

  7. Can Global Warming be Good for Agriculture?

  8. How Does Global Warming Influence Society?

  9. Does Global Warming Legislation Threaten Energy Security?

  10. Global Warming Hysteria: Causing Stress in People.

Useful Facts and Figures for Your Global Warming Essays

Numbers are always impressive. But nothing beats good stats for your essays on global warming.

Here is a bunch of interesting figures from the latest global warming articles:

So, pick up an interesting topic, add some good stats and make your global warming paper rock.

Am I missing any important ingredients of an A+ essay here?

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