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Increase your leads and revenue from your advertising budget and maximize sales from your website visitors.

In this frequently changing digital environment, you need to know and apply what makes your customers get excited. I use the latest audience activity tracking ways to find out your user’s impressions and emotions about your website. I use deep data mining to apply effective modifications to your website that will bring significant enhancement to your final leads and sales.

Data Analysis

The agency you are working with should have the knowledge to understand the conversion data and find out the actions that need to be applied to your website. I use in-depth data mining and analysis to bring your website useful progression and optimize your conversion rates.

User Testing

It is not enough to know what your users think or do, we need to also know why. Looking at your real users and their real actions, I will define their behaviours and increase your return on investment. My customer exit surveys, pop-up surveys and video testing will provide us with this valuable user information.


User Experience Tracking & Heat Maps

We need to find out what our customers see and think when they are on your website. User experience (UX) tools keep track of the user journey on your website and by this means we are able to follow their activities.

Heat mapping software for scrolls maps or hover maps provides us with necessary user insights to understand the customer journey and take action on it.

Conversion Rate Testing

I will help you to increase your website’s conversion rates by applying different testing practices like differentiating and consolidating on-page elements. Constantly using conversion data tracking, I will be modifying your website pages on a regular basis in order to optimize conversion and enhance user loyalty.

Landing Pages

While creating and modifying landing pages, you will need to apply a real-time method. Using website insights collected, I test modifications on new landing pages. I pay attention to keep these changes minimum and quick while having a maximum effect on conversion rates.

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