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You may have heard about VIP programs at online casinos. This stands for a very important person and it is also available in mortar casinos, clubs and so much more. But, what this is actually and can you expect some benefits? Well, you can actually expect all kinds of various perks and benefits.

VIP Basic Facts

VIP is available at all online casinos and for all players. The goal is just to play games, deposit funds, and enjoy. With each deposit and with each bet, you will collect points. The more points you collect, the higher rank you will have. Some casinos use silver, gold, and platinum levels while others have levels 1, 2 and etc. The purpose is always the same. A higher level means more perks for a player. Keep in mind that the brand will get certain benefits when using VIP programs as well, so this is a mutual benefit.

Higher VIP status gives you better perks and a more appealing gambling experience. Those with the highest levels get even a dedicated account manager, are invited to various tournaments and events and so much more.

Better Bonuses

VIP players enjoy much higher bonuses. While an ordinary player can get ordinary bonuses, the best and the highest ones are given to VIP members. This includes free spins, additional promotions, and also major birthday bonuses. Still, welcome bonuses and deposit match bonuses are even more special.

Which casino does offer a VIP program? You will need to take a look at some examples published here and get a better idea. This is definitely something you should try and use if you can afford it. Players of this kind can get massive deposit bonuses that are stunning and impressive in the lack of better words. 

Of course, the casinos still offer promotions and perks to ordinary players like you can see in the example above. These sites are safe and reliable with many, happy gamblers that come from all over the world. 

Special Offers

VIP players also have special offers. Some of these are already mentioned so we won’t talk about them again. But, some are not. For example, you can get free spins the first for a new slot. Other sites will offer daily bonuses when you became a VIP member or even every single week. The whole list of offers and promotions cannot be generalized. Each online casino is different and as such, they will offer different promotions. All of them have one thing in common. They are beneficial to the players. 


VIP is a type of program that is useful to players and online casinos. It is extremely important and almost all online casinos offer one. Should you use it? If you can, then the answer is definitely yes. Thanks to this perk, you can expect better offers and a better gambling experience in general.

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