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This is the full review on Renderforest I have been using Renderforest for about a year now. In my opinion it is one of the best design website you can create not only your own logos but your own intro FOR FREE and I have also recently discovered you can create your own website with easy step by step guides. Renderforest also has it’s website available in 10 different languages and if you have a question or suggestion they respond to you quickly and resolve the problem. My favorite aspect of the website is the intro maker I have created 4 intros on there they are easy to do and are free, one area they could improve on is being able to create an intro with out signing in I think that would make the website more unique. Another thing I think you should improve in the intro is where the watermark is displayed I have witnessed people covering the intro at the corner with simple box or shape and this also makes it easy for people to use watermark remover tools on it. The watermark would be better placed in the center / centre. I would like to see in the future a personalized logo maker with different colours / colors instead of just a logo generator. Renderforets are very supportive to all their fans and followers like they will be reading this review once I have been finished typing it up. They continue to update their website with new intro templates and new features and I am excited to see what will come in the future and what future products they will create like I am hoping eventually they might bring out an app.I hope Renderforest like my review and might display this one on their website and I hope to become one of Renderforests partners and I Thank You for reading this and stay safe and I hope to write more reviews like this one.


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