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Discounting is a touchy subject.

But if done right, it becomes a weapon in the seller's hands.

As it is a benefit offered to the customer, the seller has to be sure that by offering it, he will receive benefits, as well as his customer. And it is these advantages that must be taken into account.

After all, a sale must aim beyond profit. The customer must recognize the value of your product, how it will impact your day, and your differential. And the most important part of a sales process, customer loyalty.


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Therefore, the Discount offered during the presentation, maturation or etc. process; can make everything go downhill from there.

How it happened at Shopping Leblon

Theo has been working for a large jewelry chain in Leblon for about 5 years, he has always had great results, but lately his income was falling, and his sales were getting more and more funneling. It was the last day of the month and he needed to make a sale of R$5,000.00 to reach his monthly goal.

Ruth, a world-renowned digital influencer, likes to flaunt luxury and wealth. She is a constant figure at Shopping Leblon, because she knows she can count on personalized service. As São Paulo Fashion Week was approaching, Ruth needed to go shopping and that included an expensive new jewelry.

It was lunchtime, which meant Theo was alone in the store, but on the other hand, the mall was busy. Which was right for Ruth, as it would allow her to be seen and spotted. Scanning the window, Ruth identified among the items an emerald necklace that caught her attention. She knew it would probably cause a frisson to come up with that choker, but she wasn't sure if that was the kind of attention she wanted.

Theo noticed the movement at the entrance to the store and went to try to contact his potential customer. When approaching her, he asked how he could help her and was informed of his interest in the jewelry. Thinking about reaching his goal, Theo told the customer that if she actually bought the product, he would offer her R$500.00 in discount, and the necklace would come out for R$5,000.00.

So, Ruth abruptly skipped important stages in the selling process.

And as the service did not captivate her, she did not do business again. Soon a benefit that could retain the customer, ended up not winning her trust.

That's why it is necessary to be always tuned in to the signals that the client is giving you, to know if they are on the same page.

A discount becomes a good option when trading is stagnant.

You know your customer wants your product, but you're still resistant. The discount in this case is the chance to win over the customer and save your time and money for that customer.

A great tip to remember when proposing a Discount is to analyze your sales process and see if your customer is in the negotiation or finalization stage, if he is not, you might be better off rethinking the discount.

Now that you know all about discounting, how about watching a video to reinforce that knowledge?

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