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Sunstone is the gemstone of Oversight, operating to boost a person's willpower, personal strength, and more elevated consciousness. It delivers the individual a sense of freedom, trust for self-expression, and power. It holds the benevolent energy of the planet sun providing a person a warm loving compassionate sense of desiring to provide and bless all conscious beings. It helps in bringing a powerful calm, with deep mental acuity, and high impulse. It will make a person courageous, confident, and have no problems setting limits with people. Its power will revitalize the body making it more powerful and more vibrant. It will make a person more energetic with a joyous look on life, dispelling any harmful significance and despair.

Sunstone is also known as an abundance gemstone. Abundance is not only about assets, you can harness it to entice a surplus of love, wealth, knowledge, friendship, knowledge, power, and much more. It is remarkable in indicating a person's true skills to be harnessed into motivation, fame, and fortune. 

Wearing Sunstone will lure luck, and make you feel energized, stronger, and more vibrant. It is excellent to wear for someone that handles lethargic. Also amazing to use in physical contests. In a workplace, Sunstone will improve focus, acuity, and productivity. You can also utilize Sunstone for vigorous stability. If you are reaching out of a hostile relationship, vamoosing from valued ones, or undergoing the loss of someone close to you. It will allow you to overwhelm the pain, and anxiety and get you back on your feet. 

In reflection, Sunstone will remove the clouds ahead to help you see plainly and reason out what your path will be. They say if your goals don’t frighten you, they are not big enough. It will link you to the power of the sun to feel fearless, challenge yourself, and achieve new heights.  

Correct Method to Wear Sunstone:

Sunstone, like all other astrological treatments, must be used after getting consent from an astrologer. It should be used with a gold ring. Before wearing it, it must be positioned in an assortment of cow’s milk and holy water for about eight hours. Then, he/she must vocalize the mantras of Suryadeva and desire his blessings. The stone must be worn in the center finger on Sundays.

If you aspire to support others, you should wear it with your dominant hand. Whereas, if you desire to make yourself pleasingly, then it should be worn on your non-dominant hand. Sunstones must be washed with lukewarm or tepid water. And high-temperature disclosures must not take place.

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The yellow color of the sunstones is best recommended for those who are holding Leo sign in their birth chart. The dimmer orange hues are considerably more apt with Virgo. Finally, the red colors are for those with, as said earlier, the symbol of Libra.

Sunstones are typically thought to be impartial in nature and can be used without any side effects or we can say it doesn't have any side effects if you wear them as per the guidance of an astrologer. But it is always advised that you wear it only in case of the aforementioned issues. Hence, It is always helpful of you to consult an astrologer.

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