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Reuben Research

If you’re ever on a field trip, or want some additional inspiration to riff off of, there are lovely reubens to be found at:

  • Sluggo’s: a hometown favorite

  • North End Cafe: the Louisville institution that sparked my vegan reuben journey

  • Solar Cafe: the Bonnaroo staple that has taught me to love a kimchi reuben. Ephemeral and beautiful.


My tried-and-true sandwich press is The Griddler (sounds like a Marvel villain, works like a dream), and the everlasting knives we mentioned were Globals, with the all-important immortality sharpener (coming up on 11 years, chopping stuff almost every day, and still good as new).

First Principles

A reminder of ‘why reubens’:

  • They taste absolutely delicious.

  • All the ingredients can hang out in your fridge / freezer / pantry for forgiving stretches of time — so if you keep a baseline of reuben supplies, you’ll never be caught off-guard trying to feed your guests or yourselves.

  • Vegan reubens win over omnis, period. For people who are trying to eat less meat themselves, or for friends/relatives who think they don’t like vegan food, a reuben has a uniquely powerful ability to change a “Hmmm.” to an “Mmmm!”

More Food for Thought (and for Eating!)

Remember to stay tuned as more classes get posted on takeClassy! There will definitely be more vegan cooking classes coming up soon, as well as classes on some other interesting topics.

If you’ve got an idea for something you might want to teach, or a class that you’d love to see someone create, please hit me up at, and we’ll make it happen!

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