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Minecraft gets real money marketplace

Texture packs, mini-games and new maps will allow players to buy directly into Minecraft in the future - for real euros. According to Microsoft, if you want to offer virtual goods yourself, you have to register relatively expensively.

Microsoft has announced that a Market Place, which is scheduled for spring 2017, will also launch a Market Place that is directly integrated into the game. It will offer a colorful selection of adventure maps, texture packs, mini-games and more. The Market Place will be released first for Minecraft on Windows 10 and for the Pocket Edition, but will be available for other platforms later.

A user account on Xbox Live is required to purchase Market Place content. The currency is called Minecraft Coins, which players can purchase with real money through in-app purchases. The coins should be available in three different stages, starting at 2 euros for 300 coins.

The content in Market Place is curated by Microsoft. They are originally from community members such as Blockworks, Nocrew and Imagiverse. All transactions take place within the app. how to get minecoins for free

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