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When it comes to decorating a venue or improving the atmosphere of an event or any occasion, there’s nothing as naturally appealing and stunning at the same time, as having custom-designed flower arrangements. For this reason, many people require the professional services of Mayfair florists for their event or interior design projects. Through their expert help, you can get those beautiful flower arrangements that will not only highlight your event’s theme, but also captivate all of your guests.

And to help you find the best florists to choose from, listed below are some useful tips you can refer to.

Check availability

After you’ve found your preferred florist, the next step is to ensure that they are available on the day of the event. Most floral designers will only take a limited number of bookings for wedding and events each week. Hence, you should enquire about their availability as soon as you talk to them. This is to ensure they can give you the special attention you deserve on your big day.

That said, although you may assume you will be the only event booking that weekend or even that day, some florists choose to take multiple weekend bookings over the summer. If this is a deal-breaker for you, ask the florist regarding what their policy is on multiple bookings before making any decisions.

Consider your budget

As with many aspects of your event, you are likely to have a budget set aside for your flowers, and this may affect your choice of suppliers. Mayfair florists are a creative bunch and will likely work within your allocated spend. Still, there will be instances when you need to be realistic about what can be done with the investment you have allocated for your event.

That said it’s important to consider your budget in advance and be willing to discuss this openly with your chosen florist or floral designer. This ensures your chosen supplier can guide you to designs and flower varieties that cater to both your style and allocated spend.

Consider their knowledge and service

Take the opportunity, during your initial consultation, to quiz your florist and ask for advice, a good florist should be happy to offer a wealth of knowledge to help you choose your arrangements. What you don’t want to find yourself feeling after the consultation is confusion; as if you’re left without any idea on which flowers to consider that match your requirements.  If this is what it feels like after the consultation, then consider whether this is the right florist for your event. It's important you feel confident in any supplier, and they should be able to support you through the planning of your big day. 

Check their other commitments

It's inevitable that you'll need an exceptional florist, flowers can be a make or break decoration, and there's nothing worse than being welcomed to your venue with decaying flowers. One of the simple ways to check that your floral requirements will be met is by asking your florist what other commitments they have taken on. If they have multiple events on your chosen date, it may be worth considering alternatives. 

Choose a recommended florist

Often hosts have chosen an event venue by the time they're considering what flower arrangements they'll need. Take this as a great opportunity to get recommendations from your event coordinator. They’ll be the best person who would know who to contact and maybe even who to avoid as they probably have organised dozens of events in the past. A quick question may help you find the right bouquet.

Do your homework first

One of the basic things you need to do when sourcing service providers is to do your own research. Remember, this is not going to be as simple as picking your favourite flowers and requesting them in your event colours. Take some time to figure out what you like and how would you want them to look like.

After doing this, you can coordinate with your prospective florists and choose the one who is willing to meet all your concept, regardless of how tough they are. A reliable florist will surely hype your choices up as they understand how important your event is for you.

Get some inspiration

What’s the best thing to do when you find a plethora of references for flower arrangement ideas and inspirations online? You collate all of them. Then look for a florist who can deliver just exactly what you envision. Making a note of what especially draws you to each picture will help you communicate your vision and style more effectively.

Consider the venue style and colour theme

When choosing the right florist who can cater to your needs, make sure that you inform them of the event colours and style of the venue when conceptualising the arrangements for your event. You should ask for their ideas on what will look good on your event, and then assess if their proposals sound good or not. This will enable you to shorten your list and choose the one that sounds appealing to you.

Event planning can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, especially when services such as flower arrangements are required. For this reason, it’s important to have a ready list of the best Mayfair florists you can contact when it comes to floral design and bouquet services that you need for your project such as a home renovation, interior design or events such as birthdays or weddings. And when looking for the best florist to take on the job, remember that you need not blow cash just to have a beautiful arrangement on your event. By takin into consideration all the tips mentioned in the above list, you can narrow down your options for the best florist that offers high-quality designs for the most affordable prices.  

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