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Photos are one of the best ways to look back at past experiences. Intimate moments, such as those shared with family and friends, should be commemorated and held for a lifetime. A professional Maidstone photographer can help you record such remarkable days in your life and immortalise them in form of wonderful photos.

So if you're thinking of getting a skilled photographer at present, then you are in the right spot. Below are five precious occasions when you ought to avail of the services of an expert in such area.

1. During your maternity

Several months of bearing a child can be undoubtedly difficult, but also extremely special and rewarding. The curves of a pregnant woman’s tummy will be best showcased between the 30th and 36th week of being pregnant. And with the help of a knowledgeable photographer, you can perfectly and safely show off your maternal shape in a photo session.

2. Welcoming your newborn

Infants are heaven-sent, and they must be greeted to our world with a lot of photos as a reminder of their early days. Unquestionably, simple moments with your newborn like his or her calm slumber or first smile are really worth remembering. So whether it may be to capture your newborn’s first chuckle, or simply his or her every fine detail, working with a professional Maidstone photographer would be worth every penny.

3. Your infant’s special first activities

Getting a cake is a great way to celebrate your child's first birthday, and this is a special occasion worth capturing. You may have your photographer shoot them while they sit on it, hit it, or play with it. Capturing your little one’s first time playing with paint can also be wonderful because they'd have fun playing with various colours.

You can also ask your photographer to beautifully record your baby’s very first time to go out and play with cats and dogs or their much-loved playthings. By having photographs of your little ones enjoying their first adventures, it’ll be entertaining to reminisce these moments as you watch your kids grow older.

4. With your family members

Without a doubt, a family portrait is a thing that should not be missed. Even if you have a family member who seems uneasy in front of the camera, having a photo shoot with them is still one thing to bear in mind. As a family, this may also be a great chance to display your originality or harmony through complementing clothing during the session, according to the motif you’ve chosen or what storyline you’d want to express.

5. Your kid having fun in their grown-up, elegant outfits

Even though becoming an adult is something you would not want yet for daughter or son, it's very thrilling and fun to have your child wearing extravagant, grown-up apparel. For girls, you can make them feel special by having them put on their much-loved dress or a sophisticated ball gown which can make them feel as if they're queens. Your photographer may record them as they play and twirl with their skirt. At the same time, for young boys, you can make them wear a set of tuxedo and fancy leather shoes custom-made for their age to have them feel as if they're princes.

Since expert photographers know how and when to shoot your daughter or son at their best, and also the ideal areas to shoot them, you can expect exquisite candid photographs.

Immortalising cherished moments with your loved ones in the form of photos is undoubtedly a good plan. With the aid of a competent Maidstone photographer, it won't be a problem acquiring amazing photos of the most wonderful times in your life.

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