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Moving to a new office sounds nice, but if you’re in charge of the whole relocation, it can be a stressful task. That is why it’s important to hire an office clearance London based company. They can help you do all the tasks an office clearance entails. For instance, they can ensure your new office is ready to use with as little disruption as possible.

There are a lot of office clearance companies out there, but how do you find the best one? Listed below are several things you should consider when finding the ideal office clearance company.

1. They cater to companies from various industries

Find an office furniture clearance company that has successfully provided the best quality service for various businesses in London for many years. It would be better if they can adapt their services to each client, no matter if they are large corporate companies, public sector organisations, or schools. No two jobs are the same, which is why you must find an office clearance company that can serve and meet your requirements well. Based on this, they should be able to adjust their services, such as what kind of vehicle to use during your office relocation, the number of staff you’ll need, and more.

2. They can store items for you

You must find an office clearance London based company that offers affordable dry secure storage for all of your furniture and appliances. If you want to keep your old office items but can’t accommodate them in your new workspace, then your chosen office clearance company should offer storing services so all your items and documents are placed in a clean and secure place.

This service provides a highly cost-effective and convenient way of storing important documents that the law requires you to keep for long statutory periods. This will also give you peace of mind that all of your furniture, appliances, and important documents remain intact, clean, and safe. Moreover, the office clearance company you’ve chosen should also be able to give your items back to you on short notice.

You must also find an office furniture clearance London based company that is trustworthy to store such important items on your behalf. They must guarantee complete confidentiality and strictly restrict access to their storage area to anyone but their trusted and vetted warehouse staff. Before hiring them, ask them first if their storing service includes meticulously checking of your items and delivering them to your new workplace.

3. They offer services at competitive prices

Always consider the cost of hiring an office furniture clearance London based company. Rather than picking the cheapest to save money or most expensive to guarantee the quality, one should always balance a fair cost. Some will charge you for every waste cleared from your office weekly or monthly. On the other hand, there are some companies that will give you a price for all your waste on a monthly basis.

4. They prioritise efficiency

One of your priorities is to be efficient. After all, with any kind of disruption in the workplace, you want as little disturbance as possible, be it a busy office or a college site. So before you hire an office clearance company, ask them first if they can prioritise your employees’ time and efficiency, and if they can accomplish their goals as fast as possible.

Moreover, they should cause as little disruption as possible, not only to you, but to your personnel, production processes and IT systems. Talk to your chosen office furniture clearance company ahead of your preferred clearance date so they can accurately plan what tasks will be involved and when they should start the clearance. This is extremely important so you can lessen the interruptions the whole company gets during the office relocation.

An office relocation can be quite difficult, especially if you’re managing the whole thing all by yourself. But if you hire an office clearance London based company, they can help with all the tasks needed, including cleaning the old office, transferring all office items and furniture in the new workspace, and a whole lot more. Hiring one will definitely be worth the investment. So consider the above-mentioned things when relocating your business to a new office! This will let you relocate your business while minimising the disturbance to your co-workers. Once you accomplish your goals, you can hold a move-in party with all the other staff for a job well done!

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