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1.    Get in your assigned groups, get out your laptops, and get out a piece of paper and a pencil.

2.    Write your name at the top of your paper. This will be handed into your teacher at the end of your WebQuest.

3.    Start your task by watching How to Add Numbers with Three Addends. The video will help your group solve word problems to get you ready for your teacher’s cookie problem. Click on the first blue link under the Resource tab.

4.     After everyone has watched the video, you will all need to practice. Click the second blue link to Practice Adding with Three Addends under the Resource tab. Write down a number sentence from the word problems you have practiced with.

5.    Then, go back to the Resource tab and click on the third link “Adding with Three Addends'.“ This will give you extra practice with regular number sentences without the word problems. Write down what you have practiced on your sheet of paper. Help your group as you go along.

6.    Complete your last set of problems with extra practice, which is the fourth link under the Resource tab. This will provide you with number sentences to solve, as well as pictures to help you out.

7.    At this point your group will have finished the WebQuest and you are now ready to help your teacher. Get out another piece of paper to write your final problem.

8.    Write your name on your paper as well as the names of those in your group.

9.    Your teacher is making 8 chocolate chip cookies, 4 peanut butter cookies, and an unknown number of sugar cookies. There are 20 students in your class. How many sugar cookies will your teacher have to make?

10. Write out the number sentence that goes with the word problem.

11. Draw a picture that shows the number of each cookie.

12. Write your final answer, showing with pictures that your number sentence equals 20.

13. Raise your hands when everyone is finished.

14. Your teacher will come around and collect everyone’s papers.

15. The groups that finish early can play math games on their computers until everyone in the class is finished with the assignment.

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