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Do you think it is crucial to have a fast-loading site? If you do not think so, reconsider. Loading time is significant to any site that wants to rank. It does it in the following ways:

Increases User Experience

If a site takes time to load and responds slowly to user’s actions, the users will be prompted to leave. A fast load speed is crucial since it increases a user’s experience. According to statistics, a one-second loading delay leads to an 11% decrease in site view and a 16% decrease in user satisfaction. Therefore, you can see how 30 seconds delay can adversely affect your site performance.

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For Quick Conversion

Sites that load fast are likely to convert faster. The reason, users tend to stay longer on fast-loading websites. Numerous companies have done the test and have confirmed that a decrease of loading time by milliseconds increases their conversion rate by about 1.2%. Additionally, they recorded an increase in sales.


Loading time is an asset to any site owner. A fast loading time increases the rate at which your site converts. Furthermore, it boosts user experience.

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