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Where is Jaguar live?

The Jaguar’s present range extends from Southwestern United States and Mexico in much of Central America,and south to parguay in South America.

Fun fact!

The Jaguar is thought to have diverged from a common ancestor of the Panthers at last 1.5 million years ago and to have entered the America continent in the Early Pleistocene via Beringia,the land bridge

once spanned the Berring Strait.

How heavy is a Jaguar?

158kg (348lb)

The smallest females weight about 36kg(79lb)

How big is a Jaguar?

Shortest of any Jaguar big 45 to 75 cm (18 to 30 in)in length

The tail is 1.12 to 1.85m (3.7 to 6.1ft).

The Jaguar stands 63 to 76cm(25 to 30 in) tall at the shoulders.

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