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Photo of Ahmaad Aspen taken during the shooting of the music video for the song "Breaking Down"

Craig Aspen Ahmaad Edwards. ( February 14, 2000) also known by his Pop R&B ​ moniker, Ahmaad Aspen , is an American Recording artist ​, YouTuber ​, and Entrepreneur ​ who's music video for the song, "Breaking Down" went viral in early 2018.​ The song and music video became a single which increased his Social media ​ following on his YouTube ​ channel, allowing him to also become a social media influencer.


Early Life

Edwards. was born and raised in the state of California to parents Carmella G Blundell and Craig Edwards Sr​. During his childhood and well into his teenage years he grew up in the city of Calabasas​. He attended Viewpoint School as a child.

 He graduated valedictorian from his High School.


After high school, he attended the University Of Phoenix


One of Edwards first jobs as a young teenager which he held for quite some time was being a Interior Designer at Antoinette interior design   ​, a interior design company located near his hometown of Calabasas. Once he started receiving popularity for his youtube videos, he quit his job as a interior designer and took making videos full-time on youtube.

At the age of 17, he started making enough money so that he could also quit college. He has said in interviews that he has a Coinbase ​ account, that is, he is into Cryptocurrency ​. He has also mentioned he is into Aviation​ and Software design​ also.

Social media ​

Edwards. started out as a YouTuber ​ some time in 2013, and he would post videos and vlogs about his personal life and other activities. ​ He has about 3 youtube channels where he uploads video content frequently to each one. Edwards. has accumulated hundreds of millions of views from all of his channels.


Craig Aspen Ahmaad Edwards

As his Social Media presence made Edwards. stand out for his entertaining video content, he drew closer and closer to sharing his passion for Pop and R&B and in 2014, he began to upload songs onto his SoundCloud ​ page.

The first batch of songs he shared on his Soundcloud were: "Bad Dreams In The Night"; "In my Eye"; and "Fancy

In mid early 2017 all of Edwards social media accounts where compromised and deleted by hackers. which then caused him to loose all social media following, Since then Edwards has created new accounts

Ahmaad Aspen

In early 2018, Edwards. started using "Ahmaad Aspen" as his main Pop R&B Moniker in his songs. He released "Breaking Down" which has since gotten close to a million views. He then released the song, "I'm Gonna Get Married

Viral Stardom

"Breaking Down"

In early January, 2018, Ahmaad Aspen released the song, "Breaking Down", which has since gone viral on the internet with more than 1 hundred thousand views. The video was officially released by Symphonic.

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