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Even though essay writing is one of the more common tasks that students need to do during their academic years, it does not come naturally to a lot of students. In fact, a majority of the students prefer availing essay writing service from online experts as they struggle to finish the task on their own. However, you can boost your performance with the help of some online tools.

1. Google Scholar:

In order to produce an insightful essay paper, you need to gather quality research materials on the essay topic. If you don't have access to enough information, you can use Google Scholar to find authentic data on the topic. This tool works like a regular search engine, but its search results consist of links that have academic value. A lot of professional essay writer use this tool.

2. Grammarly:

Even though this is only a proofreading tool, it can actually assignment help you improve your writing skills if you use it properly. While you can check your document by uploading it on the platform, you can also write directly on the tool and get real-time suggestions on how you can improve the content. The tool helps you detect spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and incorrect punctuation. If you pay for its premium version, it can also help detect plagiarism in your paper, even if it is generated by a paraphrasing tool.

3. Referencing Generator:

If you are struggling to cite the sources of information as per the instructed citation style, you can use the Referencing Generator tool from This tool covers all the major sources of information such as books, newspaper, magazines, blogs, websites, case proceedings, book chapters, and more. You can also select different citation styles as per your requirements.

4. DupliChecker:

In case you are skeptical of the originality of your essay help, you can check the plagiarism in your paper using Duplichecker. This tool is available for free and offers almost similar features to a premium plagiarism checker tool. However, it has a few drawbacks. While it runs ads on the website, you can only check up to 1,000 words in each scan.

While you do need to work on your writing skills to get better results, these tools can certainly boost your performance.

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