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Pre-History (unknown)

No records remain of time before the Era of the Architects…

The Age of the Architects [pre- 700]

The Great Architects

Long ago, the Great Architect came to man, bearing the wisdom of beyond. By their word, they lifted man above the starts to gaze upon what lay beyond. By their hand man was wean, and from their palace, man walked into the sky. And when the Great Architects departed from the lands, they left man to his own.

The Collapse

Drunk with the knowledge bestowed by the Great Architects, mankind set forth to conquer what worlds lay beyond. But in the twilight of their era, they lost grasp upon the light the Great Architects. The torch of man faded from the heavens and with it, the embers of the human empire were snuffed over night. In their wake, a flood washed over their lands, washing away the cities and monuments of man until nothing remained. And from that great sea, came the Age of Miasma that followed.

The Last City of Man (~ gy. 700)

As the flood washed over the world, all perished under the waves. The orphans of man fled to the mountains of Giudecca and hid themselves away from the waters of the Miasma. And when the tides returned to the ocean, the children would carry stone to their new home. And with the stones of Giudecca, they made their city of Dis, the final city of man.

Age of Miasma [gy. 900 - 1300]

The Wars of Giudecca (gy. 914 - 945)

Long after the Miasma floods receded, the lands of Giudecca became the hearth of the children of man. Within the tides of the Miasma oceans, they who remained became the denizens of the new world. And in this new world, man fought to conquer one another for control. Centuries of violence shaped the new world, carving lasting scars into the land and diving the people.

Paper Doll (gy. 974 - 992)

The Sovereignty of Taured is transformed into a military police state by Kathrine Alexandrea Katts. A twelve year long war begins over a disputed stretch of land between Taured and a neighboring country named Laxaria. Near the end of the war, the Taured Military conducts a violent coup of Taured’s Capital, overthrowing Kathrine Alexandria Katts and the Inner Council. This marks the end of the occupation of the Defector Zone between Taured and Laxaria as a new Republic is installed within Taured.

Sour Rainbow (gy. 1006 - 1040)

The Republic of Taured faces internal strife in a post-power vacuum from the removal of Kathrine Alexandria Katts. Tides of Miasma grow, causing rampant ecological damage. A civil war breaks between two political factions as Taured’s economy crumbles. Neighboring nations of Laxaria, Lizbia, and Sakria become entangled into a new world war with the arrival of Neuman forces within the populace. The growing threat of Numan populace grows.

Age of Omega [gy. 1300+]

Nevergrove (gy. 1350 - 1442)

Three hundred years after the Taured Civil War, the Numan populace has grown considerably within Giudecca. Daring refugees seek to escape the waring lands in large caravans, venturing into the Miasma oceans with the guide of Numan forces. From across the vast fog of the Miasma, new settlements are founded upon reclaimed land that had not fostered civilization since the Age of the Architects.

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