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Omega’s origins are unclear, however it is believed to be somehow related to the Architects. Omega appears to influence gravitational forces, yet has no direct influence on electromagnetic fields. It cannot be directly observed or contained, so Giudeccan scientists believe it could be some strange form of exotic matter.


Miasma is a dangerous substance and unlike any other state of matter. It is widespread around the world of Giudecca and is interactive with baryonic matter, and extremely dangerous to living organisms, causing violent mutations and cellular degeneration. Miasma is thought to be a sort of “baryonic soup”, of decaying matter, a mixture of Omega and normal substances in various stages of mutation. Miasma currents tend to flow in semi-predictable patters like the weather.


Kinesis is a supernatural ability that only Numan people can preform. Numans can channel the flow of Omega energy though their bodies, using it to influence the world around them in various ways. Kinesis was first discovered by Kathrine Alexandrea Katts, and all Numans are directly related in some way, to her. This would make Kathrine, the first Numan in recorded history.

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