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A list of common afflictions that Augmented people suffer from:

False Memories

Often caused by the use of poorly sanitized refurbished cerebral augmentations, resulting in the transfer of memories from the previous donor to the new host. While this condition is not life threatening, if allowed to continue without treatment, individuals can begin to suffer identity crisis or general daily confusion.


Bodily rejection of implanted augmentations, causing immune system disorders and infections. Varying degrees of Desync cases exist, ranging from mild implants to full replacements. Medications are recommended to help reduce the symptoms of Desync, along with physical therapy to construct better neural connectivity.


The corruption of cerebral augmentation neural interfaces, leading to difficulty with motor skills and muscle memory. If untreated, victims can become paralyzed or die from toxicosis.

Feedback Syndrome

“Static”, more scientifically recognized as Feedback Syndrome, is a condition of electrical interferences, disruptions or failure of electrical isolation, that can create a vast amount of varying symptoms, all leading to difficulty with augmentations. Generally an inconvenience, and not life-threatening, treatment is resolved though medications and rest.

Synth Sclerosis

Organic hardening of tissue around augmented and mechanical interfaces within patients. Sclerosis is hard to treat, often first requiring the removal of non-vital augmentations. Nearly always fatal, degeneration of viable tissue is rampant as augmented victims slowly loose essential bodily functions.

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