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Weigandt, Jason. “GNCC Racing: Kailub Russell - GNCC Racing.” Racer X Online, Racer X Online, 31 Oct. 2017,

In this citation the one thing I wanted to point out is when Kailub Russel explains his average heart rate from his 3 hour off-road race. He explains “Florida this year 181 was my average” Russel said. Which that number unheard of. Doctors say its basically physically impossible.

This source will help explain how physically in shape you have to be in order to race motocross professionally. This type of work out and at this rate does not compare to any other sport in the world. I do not know of any other sport that requires that much of an workout.

Hind, Max. “Why Motocross Is the Ultimate Fitness Tool.” Red Bull, Red Bull, 16 Dec. 2019,

In this article I want to point out another heart beat rate. Adam Sterry averaged out at 185-190 beats per min. For the whole moto which is absolutely insane. This goes to explain the amount of intensity and the fitness level you have to be at in order to race for this long of a period.

This source will explain the same as the first source. It goes to show how truly impressive these athletes are. In order to get to this level of fitness it takes an amazing amount of work. This source goes to show how hard this sport really is.

“Are Motocross Riders the Fittest Athletes in the World?” Topend Sports, Science, Training and Nutrition,

This article sums up in detail what and why motocross is so hard. It explains how the motorcycle can affect you as a rider. The weight and the balance distribution can affect a rider physically tremendously.

The reason I picked this article is the same reason I put for the summary. I feel that it explains more angles and reasons why motocross is a hard sport. It’s not all about being in shape there is an ridiculous amount of skill that motocross requires. Balance is a huge skill that motocross requires and it’s something practiced regularly.

Harmer, Jim. “Motocross Fitness Tips To Get You Bike-Fit.” Dirt Bike Planet, 21 July 2017,

The article explains tips for armature motocross riders to go through to help them get to the next level. It explains how you can not get better just working out and how you need to be on the bike just as much as you are in the gym to improve every aspect you possibly can.

The reason I picked this article is to show the audience how much truly goes into a program every seasoned rider goes through in order to get to the next level. It also says how past pro Ricky Carmichael put in his work towards being professional.

-, Admin, et al. “Motocross – The Most Physically Demanding Sport in the World!” Dirtbikelover, 7 Mar. 2019,

In this article they compare other sports to motocross and how one is to the other. For example unlike motocross workouts are done in other sports are done in sprints. Motocross races can be ran from 20min-3hours. Unlike 10-30 second sprints like football or soccer.

The reason I picked this article is to explain the physical aspect of the sport compared to other sports. It also goes to explain how racers work almost every part of their body while racing while other sports only work a few. This article is great for the paper to show the differences between them all.

Team, Gadnets. “Dirt Bike Injuries Deaths per Year Statistics (Newly Updated).” GADNETS, 2 Dec. 2019,

In this article they go through statistics of motorcycle related accidents and deaths. It also goes through the most broken bones and how most of them occur. It also explains how you can be safer while riding/racing.

The reason I used this article is to explain that motocross is not only a hard sport but dangerous. This article is prefect for explaining the dangerous aspect of the sport. The sport is not only the hardest in my personal opinion but the most dangerous in my opinion.

Mxhideout. “How Much Does It Cost To Race Motocross.” Motocross Hideout, 22 Feb. 2020, This article explains the financial struggle that motocross family’s may experience. Success does not come cheap in the motocross world. This source is relevant because it explains that just like other sports it can be a big financial struggle. Two-stroke top-end $150 every 20 hours, $300-800+ every 25-40 hours(Mxhideout)

Higgins, Charlie. “The Average Salary for Professional Motocross Riders.” Career Trend, 2018, Article explains the average salary of a full on backed pro and a privateer rider. This is significant because it shows that these guys work so hard and spend all the money to go racing yet they hardly break even at the end of the year. “Pro motocross doesn't come with an "average" salary. Top riders can make $12,000 for a single race, compared to $16,405 annually for a rider who finishes dead last in every race in the season.”(Higgins)

CoffeeCup Software. “ Motocross Analysis and Insight.” MotoXGraphs, This article shows the retirement ages between motocross and other sports. This is significant because it shows the and proves the amount of beating motocross puts on the body. The peak age based on this is 27.75 years.(CoffeeCup)

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