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We decided to teach the students how to sort and categorize people and objects into groups by grouping them with similarities. They did this during recess on the playground and got into three groups with four people in each group. Each person was given a job in the group: (Line reader, Playground monitor, Toy clean up and teacher’s pet). They will learn how to accomplish the task as a team!

Now that recess is over, you and your groups should have learned how to look at something or someone and be able to sort them out and put them into groups by the way you sorted them. The goal of this task was to increase the sorting skill by teaching them how to sort people by what type of hair and clothes they are wearing.

What you should’ve learned:

  • Should have learned sorting skills

  • You should have learned more about counting because you had to categorize them and figure out how many people there were.

  • You should have learned how to compare because you needed to compare your results with each group mate.

  • You should have learned how to work as a team bc everybody had a different task.

Now that you have learned how to sort and categorize things you should be able to sort out numbers or anything that you need to sort or categorize. This task will help you further than you think it will and will help you throughout your life.

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