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Describe your strongest personality trait, while writing a scholarship essay

The level of writing skills for scholarship essay is higher than an admission essay, as the students need to prove that they are one up among those who have been admitted to the same course. Therefore, it is essential that students make this essay remarkable and unique so that the selectors can go through it with interest.

However, the values of the university or the college also matter, and students seeking admission to the particular college should adhere to these values. Students must emphasize on these values in their essay. Similarly, students must ensure that their essay is of a higher level than that of others with essay writing service recommendation. This would require more research on the topic along with thorough practice in reading and writing, particularly about the papers that are connected to the chosen topic.

Some of the writing tips given below will certainly help students to write an excellent scholarship essay. However, students must also go through other papers, available on-line, like a persuasive essay or an interesting essay , to understand the requirements of a good essay structure.

Write about your perspective of life

Usually, the perceptions change with the time and circumstances. Hence, students can write about any difficult situation or any episode in their lives that has left an impact on their mental thought process and changed their outlook for life. However, it is essential that students explain the reason for this change, and what was the affect on student’s attitude due to this change.

Essay title

Just giving the name of the essay as its title is not enough. Instead, students must incorporate the gist of their arguments in the essay title itself. In this direction, students could look at the title of this paper, which has added more words to its name. While the introduction is the mirror image of the essay, its title is the mini mirror of the whole paper. Hence, students should keep in mind that their scholarship essay writing has to be focused on the title, thesis statement and the topic of the essay.

In certain essays, there can be two titles that present two aspects of the same topic. For this purpose, the first title should be written in higher font, while having lesser words than the second title. Alternatively, a single essay title can highlight two arguments, separated by a colon.


The essay introduction must contain the thesis statement. In fact, the first sentence itself should be attractive, so that the readers are hooked to read the whole essay. Students should remember that very few essays are fully read by the selectors as they receive large number of papers from different students, aiming for a scholarship.

Therefore, students should ensure that introduction hints on all the issues relevant to the topic, while managing the words very wisely.

Essay structure

It is very important that students are familiar with the essay format and writing style preferred by the college or university. In addition, students must give an essay outline in case their essay is a lengthy one that needs to touch many aspects of a wider topic

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