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List Of Things To Consider When Buying Engraved Slate House Signs

Nobody wants their houses to look dull and uninviting, which is why most people improve their house’s appearance to make them unique from their neighbours’ properties. Aside from improving their interiors, structural design, or gardens, some even acquire engraved slate house signs to make their home stand out as much as possible. Moreover, these signs enable their properties to be identified easily by their friends, random people, and even their families.

If you are one of those homeowners who are planning to get engraved slate house signs, here are some factors you should consider to ensure that you’ll get the right one.

Content relevance

If you want to communicate with the people in your local area, make sure that your signage would reflect that. If you want to use it as an address board, you can place the address along with a contact number so that one can come across with it easily and find out your house without any difficulty. Relevancy of the content is always an important element as you can't transform the right message without proper content on house signs. Since images are more attractive than texts, you can also plan to place certain images on the signboard. This would make the item more relevant and attractive.

Right site

It is really hard to find the best place for your house signage. Hence, you should always try to locate the best site for it. This will be a good idea to place it on the wall of your house. If you want to use it as exterior signage, you can place it on a pole outside your house. By this way, you can enable the visitors to read the message included on the signage. If you aren't well familiar with the technique to discover the right site for house signs, you can even ask assistance from a professional. Placing the right item at the right location has several benefits, and you should always keep these things in mind.


Less really is more. By keeping your message short, your engraved slate house signs are easier to see and read at a glance. Signs come in every shape and size, so make sure you have chosen a size that is appropriate for the distance your sign would be viewed from. Consider the location and possible obstacles that may get in the way. Keep in mind that the visibility of your house sign is one of the most important factors you should consider.


Successful signage communicates a message concisely. The message should be short and exact for future visitors to see. Crowding your sign with too many words or lines of text makes it harder to read from a distance.

“White-space” is the area of a design that is left uncovered by either text or graphics (white space can be colour). The blank space on the signage is as crucial as the other designs on it. There is a tendency to want to “fill up” the available area with as much copy as possible. But when text is crowded, it becomes harder to read. Thirty-to-forty percent of the sign’s face area should be left as white space for optimal readability.


Make sure to consider the size of the house signage. Measure the space carefully and begin to form an idea of the shape you want, such as a rectangular, oval or bridge. It is always a good idea to have your measurements written down in both centimetres and inches because a lot of house sign manufacturers are traditional and still work in inches.

Letter style

Plenty of experienced pattern makers will ensure the most suitable size of the lettering is chosen for your sign so that your wording and emblem looks balanced on it. Where space doesn't allow Times Roman lettering, sign makers normally use the narrower Condensed Times lettering. You can check out some samples of signs using different types of lettering to have a better idea.

Now that you have this list of things to consider when buying engraved slate house signs, you won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong one. This would enable you to save money, time, and effort as a result. So, make sure that you keep a copy and locate the best provider there is today. By doing so, your house signage will never go wrong and will surely complement your property.

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