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Thanks to the growth of the Internet, there are currently available a large number of ways and methods to earn money online for Free. Due to the big list of websites, companies and possibilities, there are also some misinformation in many cases, and it is unfortunately common to find companies that offer fabulous formulas to make money with the Internet, which however are later proven to be unsuccessful or directly a fraud (scam), with the consequent anger or time wasted.

On the Wiki Money Online we make a compilation of what are currently the best sites to make money with the Internet, which we have tested and verified that they pay through payment processors such as Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Here you can find a table with the basic information of each company and always with the confirmation that the indicated platform is currently paying. This Wiki has a constant update of each one of them, being eliminated if any problems are reported by users.

List of the best Companies, websites and methods to earn money online

Detailed Information

ySense (ClixSense)

  • Description: Well-known PTC (paid-to-click), currently called ySense, which stands out for the large number of methods available to earn money online, including completing surveys, downloading applications, performing various tasks, or viewing advertising. (Detailed Info: Review ySense)

  • Payment information: Payments in ySense can be requested at any time by accumulating a minimum of $ 10 in our account. Accepted payment processors are Paypal, Skrill, and Amazon or Steam gift cards.

  • Link: Sign up in ySense (ClixSense)


  • Description: Veteran URL shortener company where users are able to earn money through monetized links. With any user can shorten any and share them on the Internet, on Social Networks, forums, blogs or web pages. Each click on the links will add income to our account.

  • Payment information: Payments in Adfly are made automatically on the first day of each month as long as we have reached the necessary minimum of $ 5 in our user account. Accepted payment processors are Paypal and Payoneer.

  • Link: Sign up in Adfly


  • Description: Shutterstock is an image hosting website with which we can earn money by selling our own photos or videos. The images must be original and our property, receiving a commission for each photograph or video that advertisers buy.

  • Payment information: Payments on Shutterstock are made from a minimum of $ 35 using the accepted payment processors of Paypal or Skrill, or by bank check if we reach the amount of $ 500.

  • Link: Sign up in Shutterstock


  • Description: PTC site from the same group as the popular ySense (Clixsense) that expands the options for users to earn extra money on the Internet, including discounts on purchases made online in addition to the classic methods such as surveys or micro-jobs.

  • Payment information: Swagbucks payments can be requested at any time, exchanging the accumulated balance, called "SB", for cash through Paypal from a minimum of five dollars, or for gift cards.

  • Link: Sign up in Swagbucks


  • Description: Fiverr is a well-known page where we offer our services to other users and companies, earning money with each task we perform. A website oriented mainly to Freelance jobs open to all types of users, covering a large number of services that we can offer, and we will also establish the price.

  • Payment information: There is no minimum to request Fiverr payments, the accepted payment processors being Paypal, check and bank transfer.

  • Link: Sign up in Fiverr


  • Description: Sedo is one of the leading pages for buying and selling domains on the Internet. A popular platform with which we can earn money by buying and reserving all kinds of domains that we can later sell through its market or put it up for auction so that interested parties can bid.

  • Payment information: Sedo payments can be requested at any time by accumulating a minimum of $ 20 in our account. Accepted payment processors are Paypal and bank transfer.

  • Link: Sign up in Sedo

King Of Prizes

  • Description: Well-known PTC page with which users can earn money online in different ways, including viewing advertising, visiting advertisers' pages, completing surveys in Spanish, micro-tasks and obtaining discounts for purchases made on the Internet.

  • Payment information: Payments in King Of Prizes can be requested at any time, exchanging the accumulated balance in coins called "Koins" for cards with a balance from different platforms or directly for money payments through Paypal.

  • Link: Sign up in King Of Prizes


  • Description: Platform to earn money through the mobile by downloading its App, or from any computer, since it can also be used from its website on the desktop. The methods to earn money with FeaturePoints are completing surveys or downloading and testing applications on our Smartphone.

  • Payment information: Payments in FeaturePoints can be collected through Amazon, Zalando or App Store gift cards, through Bitcoins or in money through Paypal, with a minimum of five dollars to request the payment.

  • Link: Sign up in FeaturePoints

Green Panthera

  • Description: Well-known page to earn money by filling out surveys and market studies on different topics. In Green Panthera we can also earn money through "Cashback", receiving a commission for each purchase made from the platform. (Detailed Info: Review Green Panthera)

  • Payment information: Green Panthera pays users from a minimum of $ 30 through Paypal.

  • Link: Sign up in Green Panthera


  • Description: FanSlave is a website where users can earn money through Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, by sharing publications or taking different actions.

  • Payment information: Payments in Fanslave can be requested through the user panel when reaching the minimum amount of $ 15 in our account. Accepted payment processors are Paypal, Payeer, Amazon gift cards, and Bitcoin.

  • Link: Sign up in Fanslave


  • Description: GrabPoints is a well-known PTC page and one of the best alternatives to ySense that there are currently to earn money on the Internet in different ways, such as a panel of offers with small jobs to do from home simply by needing an Internet connection or online surveys.

  • Payment information: The minimum to request GrabPoints payments is $ 3, with accepted payment processors Paypal, Skrill or Amazon gift cards.

  • Link: Sign up in GrabPoints


  • Description: With this pioneering platform, users can earn money through online betting with little risk, taking advantage of the betting bonuses through the Matched Betting technique.

  • Payment information: The payments in NinjaBet correspond to the profit obtained in the certain betting pages on the Internet, so they will depend on each case.

  • Link: Sign up in NinjaBet


  • Description: Website to earn Bitcoins for free using different tools. FreeBitcoin also has raffles, lotteries and bets to increase profits, and a Bitcoin wallet with good profitability.

  • Payment information: FreeBitcoin payments can be requested from 3 mBTC (0.003 BTC)

  • Link: Sign up in FreeBitcoin


  • Description: Honeygain is an original platform with which you can make money passively simply by sharing the excess bandwidth. To do this, you must download its application, available for Windows and Smartphones (Android and iOS) and leave the program running. (Detailed Info: Review Honeygain)

  • Payment information: The credits accumulated for using the APP can be converted into payments starting at $ 20, through the accepted processor of Paypal.

  • Link: Sign up in Honeygain


  • Description: This mobile App is aimed at promoting content creators, offering rewards for watching their videos. It also has other methods to earn money, such as taking small surveys and it is also available for desktop as well as as an App to download on mobile.

  • Payment information: Payments in HideoutTV can be requested at any time, exchanging the accumulated points for cards with balance from different platforms such as Amazon or App Store, or directly for payments in money or balance on Visa or Mastercard cards.

  • Link: Sign up in HideoutTV


  • Description: International website to earn money on the Internet doing small jobs or tasks (micro jobs). We have a panel where available offers appear that we can make at any time and add balance to our account. We can also post our own work.

  • Payment information: We can request payments in Picoworkers at any time when we reach the minimum required in each of the available payment options, which includes from transfers by Paypal or Skrill, to balance on cards or payments in Cryptocurrencies.

  • Link: Sign up in Picoworkers

Get Paid

  • Description: Popular PTC (paid-to-click), formerly known as GPTreasure, which offers its users various methods to earn money on the Internet, such as viewing advertising, doing small jobs, completing surveys or testing mobile applications.

  • Payment information: Payments in Get Paid can be requested at any time, exchanging the accumulated balance in coins for cash through Paypal or WebMoney, for Bitcoins, or for Amazon and Steam gift cards.

  • Link: Sign up in Get Paid


  • Description: Cointiply is a well-known Bitcoins Faucet, a platform similar to the classic PTC (Paid to Click) companies, but specifically oriented to the world of cryptocurrencies, where users can earn satoshis (portions of Bitcoin) for free, for perform different tasks, such as completing surveys, watching videos, doing small jobs, watching advertisements, playing games with your mobile or computer or testing applications.

  • Payment information: Cointiply pays users from 30,000 accumulated coins. Can be received in any virtual wallet that accepts Bitcoins or DOGE

  • Link: Registrarse en Cointiply


  • Description: Free Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency Mining Tool. Computta has a simple program that we can download and install on the computer, automatically mining bitcoins while it is turned on and running on the computer.

  • Payment information: Payments can be requested in Computta from 3 mBTC (0.003 BTC)

  • Link: Sign up in Computta


  • Description: IdleEmpire is a PTC created by the well-known Steam video game platform, with which users can earn money and prizes in different ways, through surveys, running promotions, mining cryptocurrencies, or even playing on Steam servers.

  • Payment information: The points accumulated in IdleEmpire can be exchanged for balance in gift cards, video game skins or payments in Paypal.

  • Link: Sign up in IdleEmpire


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