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Each group will create a poster of things that we can use our senses to learn about! There will be three different groups:

  • Group One

    • Thomas (Taste)

    • Luke (Smell)

    • Jennifer (Touch)

    • Lucy (Hear)

    • Mark (See)

  • Group Two:

    • Jenna (Taste)

    • Laiken (Smell)

    • Matt (Touch)

    • Maverick (Hear)

    • Paula (See)

  • Group Three

    • Emily (Taste)

    • Stacy (Smell)

    • John (Touch)

    • Jake (Hear)

    • Autumn (See)

How many students are in each group? Five! And how many senses do we each have? Five! Each student in the group will each be required to do one sense, the sense you have to do is right beside your name! Before you start your project, listen to this song about the senses.

Look for your name and see what sense is by your name, and your job is to find something that you use that sense to experience. This means that you will find something that you can touch, smell, hear, see, or taste. You will then bring this item to class where we will put it on a poster with the rest of your group to create a sensory board!

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