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Dethleffs motorhomes are one of the most convenient, and perhaps the most exciting ways to travel within any country’s top destination spots. It is like travelling in your own home! You and your travel buddies or family have everything you need – every amenity and facility in one go. When the night comes, all you need to do is to look for a place to park and settle in. And when the morning comes, you can simply just go on with your adventure.

Of course, just like any other things, purchasing an RV needs thorough thinking. You also have to check everything as you go to see if you are buying the right model for you. Here are some factors you may want to keep in mind when buying one.


As with most things in life your type, age and condition of the motorhome vehicle will be determined by your budget. But your budget should not determine your motorhome vehicle. For as low as £1,000, you can have numerous of choices for of motorhomes, including Dethleffs Globebus. Whatever motorhome vehicle you chose, you should always reserve some funds to replace the things that will wear out such as tyres, brakes and the exhaust. You should also reserve some funds to replace other things that may break or wear out such as the clutch, prop shaft and simple things such as door locks. Generally though, if you drive your motorhome vehicle well and look after it, you should not have to replace or fix anything in thousands of miles or kilometres of driving.

Used or new

New RVs and used motorhomes both have their place for drivers. For those who just want to try using motorhomes, you can always start with used units. You're safer if you buy a used motorhome from a dealer than a private buyer, but you can still run into issues that are a pain to deal with. When buying a new Dethleffs Esprit, you're covered by the manufacturer's warranty and any extended warranty you buy through the dealer. If something goes wrong, you have a safety net. That's not always true when you buy used.

Renting options

If you think your motorhome trips will be infrequent, you might want to consider renting a Dethleffs motorhomes instead of buying one. This will help you save money as well as remove the guilt that may come with buying an expensive vehicle and not using it enough to justify the cost. While having a motorhome of your own is great, it is not required for you to buy one just to experience using it.


There is a huge variety of Adria motorhomes types, including the size. Offering between 2 and 7 berths, you have the chance to include the whole family or just the 2 of you. Prioritise having a spacious Dethleffs Globebus so everyone can move comfortably and enjoy their vacation. As well as the number of berths, you may also want to consider the size of the motorhome itself. They can vary from under 6 metres in length, up to over 8 metres. Depending on how confident you are when it comes to driving leisure vehicles, this could have an impact on your final decision.

Design and style

When it comes to choosing the right motorhome, you need to think about what style would suit your requirements the most. You can choose among these available styles: low profile, A-class, van conversion or an overcab. Each one has its benefits, from sleek appearances to functional layouts. You should decide what your priority is when it comes to your motorhome; would you prefer a spacious layout, or do you need something that works perfectly for large groups? Each motorhome is slightly different in its offering.

Choice of facilities

Motorhomes like Dethleffs Esprit is meant to literally become your home away from home. That is why you need to evaluate the facilities and compartments that come with the vehicle.  From comfortable beds and seating areas to ample USB ports and electric so that you can enjoy your home comforts effortlessly. Motorhomes should have all the necessary appliances both in the kitchen and bathroom; this is something you should take the time to check when choosing your motorhome. What’s more, you should make sure that there is plenty of storage for your luggage and belongings when you’re travelling!

There’s no doubt that getting Dethleffs motorhomesis exciting and surely, you will be using it for a long time especially if your family and friends love to travel as well. They are convenient as it serves both your means of transportation and your accommodation during your trips. Once you try travelling via motorhomes, you can never imagine having to go back to commuting when travelling again.

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